Top 5 Hot Selling Chubby Sex Dolls

Top 5 Hot Selling Chubby Sex Dolls

In my last blog, we explored the reasons behind the popularity of chubby sex dolls and the benefits of owning one. Here, I'll be recommending the top 5 best-selling sex dolls from SexDollPartner. Come and check them out to see if there's one you like!

US Stock - RIDMII Merry 5ft38/ 164cm TPE Huge Boobs Blonde Sex Doll

5ft38/ 164cm TPE Huge Boobs Blonde Sex Doll

Price: 899 USD
Meet Merry, a BBW sex doll with a bust size of 103cm. This voluptuous sex doll has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, making her a favorite among European and American customers. Her clear blue eyes resemble the vast ocean, looking incredibly real life. Made of full TPE, her entire body feels unbelievably soft and realistic to the touch. Particularly, her big milky soft breasts are irresistible once you lay your hands on them.

Despite her alluring full breasts and plump buttocks, this sex doll is priced at only 899, making it the most cost-effective choice among all BBW sex dolls. If you're a fan of BBW sex dolls, don't miss out on this one.

For customers in the United States, purchasing this sex doll comes with a 7-day free return policy. If you're not satisfied, you can return the sex doll to our U.S. warehouse at no cost.

US Stock - RIDMII Judith 5ft31 / 162cm #273 Head TPE Big Boobs Fine Sex Doll

5ft31 / 162cm #273 Head TPE Big Boobs Fine Sex Doll

Price: 849 USD
Judith is a MILF fat sex doll with large breasts and buttocks. This sex doll comes with two head material options: a soft TPE head and a hard silicone head, each with its own advantages. The TPE head comes with a synthetic wig, allowing you to change her hairstyle according to your preference. Additionally, due to the elastic nature of TPE, her oral cavity can provide oral sex services. The silicone head with implanted hair looks more exquisite and delicate However, these hard silicone heads do not support oral sex functionality.

The advantage of this sex doll lies in her ample breasts, voluptuous buttocks, and slender waist, which reduces the overall weight of the doll. Look at her her enticing waist-to-hip ratio, do you want to try the doggy-style position with her now? All of this can be yours for just 849.

US Stock - RIIMII Eliza 5ft31 / 162cm Silicone Head + TPE Body Blonde BBW Chubby Blowjob Doll

5ft31 / 162cm Silicone Head + TPE Body Blonde BBW Chubby Blowjob Doll

Price: 1099 USD
Eliza is a mature chubby sex doll. Doesn't her head look incredibly refined and real life? Her head is made of soft silicone, which allows her to have real life implanted hair, and the same goes for her eyebrows and eyelashes. The manufacturer pays great attention to details, so you can see the freckles and skin texture on her face clearly. Look at her enticing slightly open mouth, with the articulated jaw and soft silicone material, which allow her to offer oral sex for you. Moreover, this soft silicone head can be customized with automatic sucking and heating functions, bringing you an incredibly realistic oral sex experience.

Whether you're a fan of big breasts or into BDSM, this sex doll can make your fantasies come true. Priced at just 1099 USD, give it a try and bring your fantasies to life.

US Stock - RIDMII Laura 4ft92/ 150cm #256 Head TPE BBW Fat Ass Real Life Adult Sex Doll

4ft92/ 150cm #256 Head TPE BBW Fat Ass Real Life Adult Sex Doll

Price: 999 USD
Laura is a plump Latino sex doll that no man can resist. She boasts voluptuous buttocks, thick thighs, and tan skin, making her look healthy and sexy. This chubby sex doll is crafted entirely from TPE, making her the ideal choice for those who appreciate a big ass. The soft TPE material gives her supple and elastic skin, and you may enjoy spanking or whipping her fat ass.

This big-bottomed sex doll is particularly suitable for the rear entry which is an effortless position and allows you to fully appreciate the visual appeal of her voluptuous hips. You can choose to grip her waist for thrusting or enjoy the experience while kneading and spanking her buttocks. All of this can be yours for just 999 USD.

RIDMII Amanda 5ft34/ 163cm 161 Head TPE Real Life BBW Big Butt Sex Doll

5ft34/ 163cm 161 Head TPE Real Life BBW Big Butt Sex Doll
Price: 899 USD
Amanda has consistently been a popular figure among our celebrity sex dolls. This curvy sex doll boasts ample breasts, a sexy fat ass, and thick thighs, exuding an irresistible allure. In these bathroom photos, her wet hair and soaked clothes leave little to the imagination, revealing glimpses of her nipples and vagina. If she were to appear in your bathroom like this, could you resist the temptation?

This is a customizable sex doll, allowing you to tailor her hairstyle, breast material, vaginal type, and more. For a more realistic breast effect, the option of jelly breasts is one you can't afford to miss. Are you feeling intrigued? Come and create your exclusive sex doll.


Final Words
These are our top 5 best-selling sex dolls, each with its own unique features. Is there one that catches your eye? If not, no worries – click on 'chubby sex dolls,' where you'll find a diverse selection of over a hundred curvy sex dolls waiting for your consideration.