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A Comprehensive Guide To Repair A Silicone Or TPE Sex Doll
To prolong the lifespan of these hyper-realistic love dolls, it is crucial to handle them with care, avoiding contact with sharp objects such as knives and scissors. However, if your doll does get scratched by such tools, you can handle common repairs yourself with the right tools and techniques.
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How To Dress Up My Chubby Sex Doll?
Are you a proud owner of a chubby sex doll and wondering how to dress her up to enhance her appeal? Look no further! Let’s open up a world of possibilities for personalization and customization, and explore the art of dressing up your fat sex doll to bring out her unique beauty and style in this article.
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Why are chubby sex dolls increasingly popular?

 The research shows that 87% of men long for a sexual partner with voluptuous figures. Accordingly, in recent years, the popularity of fat sex dolls has been on the rise too, reflecting a shift in societal attitudes towards body diversity and inclusivity.

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