Customize Your Doll

Enjoy the perfect dream doll by sending us any picture. Enjoy a fully customized sex doll for a great price!

We have tried to make it easy to create your ideal sex doll. That’s why you have the option to customize almost every part of your doll, so that it perfectly meets your needs and desires. Choose the body shape and size you like the most, choose the head, skin colour, hair colour and style (wig) that most closely resembles your fantasy. Every detail can be adapted, including breast size, eye colour, nail colour and more. Best of all, most customizable options are free.

Please note that some additional features, such as standing foot options, flight cases, etc. do require additional cost. These are clearly stated on the product pages.

If you want your doll to look similar to any model on our site, please let us know after placing an order.

Please email us with the following info:

The size of your sex doll.

Choose a head/Picture.

Choose skin tone.

Choose a skeleton style.

Choose a hairstyle.

Choose a fixed or replaceable vagina.

Decide whether you want pubic hair.

Choose nail color.

Add any other sex doll options if you need