SexDollPartner 7-Day Return Policy

Sexdollpartner is committed to providing you with the highest quality sex dolls and ensuring your satisfaction. We offer a 7-day return policy. If you receive a doll and are unsatisfied or no longer wish to keep it, you can apply for a return within 7 natural days of receiving the doll through our website. Slide down for more about it.

Conditions of 7-Day Return Service
1. Buyers must apply for the return within 7 natural days after the delivery date. Any requests made after this period will not be considered valid.

2. The client requesting for returns within 7 natural days shall pay a 20% handling fee of the order, plus shipping and return shipping fees.

3. Buyers must ensure that the packaging has not been opened, or if opened, the sex doll and packaging have to remain unused and undamaged. Returns for dolls that cannot be resold will be rejected.

3. The verification process requires buyers to capture a video of the entire outer box, the original shipping label, and the interior of the box (if opened), serving as evidence for the return. The video should be clear and smooth for the reviewing team to examine.

4. Buyers must ensure that the returned sex doll and related accessories (such as heating rods, wigs, clothing, comb, cleaning tools, user manual, etc.) are intact and maintain their original quality and functionality, free from damage, staining, usage, or any other conditions. Upon receiving the doll, we will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure it meets the return requirements, guaranteeing that it is the same as the product sent by the seller and is in good condition.
Note: If the sex doll or its packaging has been confirmed as "damaged" or "being used" which makes it unable to be resale after our warehouse staff's inspection (The images or videos of the inspection result will be provided), we will refuse to issue refunds. We also refuse to issue refunds if the doll gets damaged during transportation due to the customer's inadequate packaging.

5. Please ensure that the box is not damaged inside or outside when returning. If the box is damaged, it must be replaced with an intact one. Kindly note that placing the doll in a damaged box during transport increases the risk of damage. If we receive a package with a damaged doll that cannot be resold, we will be unable to issue a refund.

6. Our 7-day return policy applies only to orders shipped from our local warehouses(including the US Warehouse, EU Warehouse, UK Warehouse, and CA warehouse) to the following countries: The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, EU countries, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.
Note: All factory-shipped, custom orders or orders from other countries/regions do not qualify for the return service.

7. If you no longer wish to keep the doll, please contact our customer service promptly and refrain from damaging the product to ensure eligibility for the return.

How to apply for a 7-day return?
1. If the buyer is dissatisfied or no longer needs the product upon receipt, please contact us and provide pictures and videos for inspection to obtain approval.
2. Upon approval from us, the buyer can return the doll to our local warehouse. The shipping costs must be paid on your own, as our warehouse does not accept any COD (cash on delivery) parcels.
3. After sending out the parcel, please be sure to provide us with the tracking number for verification.
4. Once our staff receives the parcel and confirms everything is in order, we will promptly process your refund.