Sex Doll Heads

    Are you looking for a new face for your sex dolls? Explore our collection of sex doll heads, meticulously designed for unparalleled authenticity and pleasure. We have silicone sex doll heads and TPE sex doll heads for your reference. Elevate your intimate moments with the perfect combination of silicone or TPE sex doll heads that suit your desires. Slide down now to get your favorite sex doll heads to enhance your ultimate pleasure.

    We recommend: Soft Silicone Sex Doll Head

    The soft silicone head is a new type of sex doll head that is currently the mainstream on the market. The sex doll head made of this material not only has the softness of a TPE head, but also has the exquisiteness and lifelikeness of a silicone head. Our soft silicone sex dolls come with matching makeup, hairstyle, and eyeballs. Presenting you with a unique and exquisite doll head, available with M16 bolts.

    The mouth depth of the soft silicone doll head is 5.90in / 15cm, and the Oral Perimeter is 4.13in / 10.5cm. In addition to the common customization options, we have prepared special customizations for automatic oral sex and oral heating. Please check out the demonstration video we provide below, better Learn how to use these special customizations.

    SexDollPartner provides only high-quality legal full-size sex dolls along with efficient and satisfying customer service.