How Much Do Love Dolls Weigh?

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As a newcomer stepping into the world of Love dolls, you're undoubtedly curious about everything related to love dolls. I am sure you'll try your best to do the research before purchasing your first love doll. While you can gather information and imagine other aspects of love dolls through the computer, the weight of a love doll is not something you can grasp through imagination alone. Even if you get an exact number from the customer service of the store online, unfortunately, you still can't figure out how heavy that weight would feel with a love doll. The reason is that a 100 lbs woman is entirely different from a 100 lbs female love doll. If you want to learn more about the issue of love doll weight, then this blog will be perfect for you. It will tell you the factors that influence the weight of love dolls and three reasons why weight should be considered when purchasing a love doll as a beginner, which can help you figure out how much a sex doll weighs.


How to Know the Weight of Love Dolls?

The most direct way to understand the weight of a love doll before purchasing one is to check the product specifications or ask the online store's customer service. Generally, reputable online stores will clearly mark the weight of sex dolls because vendors understand the importance of purchasing a sex doll with the appropriate weight for users. However, so far, your understanding of the weight of sex dolls remains at the level of imagination still. To truly feel the weight of a sex doll, you can try to pick up an object with a similar shape and similar weight, such as a piece of wood or iron, to understand the actual sensation of handling a sex doll of that weight and determine if you are truly suitable for a sex doll of that weight.


Factors To Love Dolls Weight

Sex dolls are composed of several materials, so multiple factors will influence their weight. Here are the main factors affecting the weight of sex dolls for your reference:

1. Materials: The primary materials comprising sex dolls are the internal skeleton and the outer covering. What to use in manufacturing significantly will impact their weight. The most common skeleton materials are alloys. To ensure a realistic feel, outer covering materials silicone and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) are chosen to use by manufacturers. Each with their own density and weight characteristics. Due to the higher density of silicone, silicone sex dolls are often heavier than TPE sex dolls.

2. Size and Height: The overall size and height of a sex doll also influence its weight. Taller sex dolls require more internal skeleton and outer covering material, thus resulting in increased weight. Opting for more chubby sex dolls, such as those with large breasts, big buttocks, or overweight features, also leads to the use of more external material (TPE or silicone), thus increasing the weight of love dolls.

3. Features and Customization: Different additional features and customization options can lead to variations in a sex doll's weight. For instance, built-in articulated joints, interchangeable heads, or built-in heating or vibrating mechanisms will add to the doll's weight. Furthermore, users can customize or change the materials of specific parts of the sex doll. For example, some users may request gel filling for the doll's breasts, belly, and ass to enhance the tactile experience, which will significantly increase the doll's weight.


Why Consider the Weight of Love Dolls When Purchasing as a Beginner

1. Impact on Usage:

The weight of a love doll affects how easy it is to handle and move. While fuller, heavier sex dolls may appear more realistic and alluring, your perspective might change when it comes to actual usage. Firstly, lifting a heavy sex doll isn't something most people can do easily. Especially for someone who doesn't work out regularly, it could be challenging to get your beloved sex doll from your doorstep to the bedroom. Furthermore, with a heavier sex doll, your range of usable movements will be limited, typically restricting you to positions like doggy style and missionary. Trying out other positions becomes difficult, and trust me, you won't want to risk injuring yourself just to experiment.

2. Impact on Storage

Heavier sex dolls are less conducive to cleaning, maintenance, and storage. After each use, sex dolls require timely washing, air drying, and application of appropriate powder. If the sex doll is heavy, it becomes difficult to transport it to the bathroom for cleaning. Additionally, heavier sex dolls cannot be stored upright, as it can negatively affect the doll's body structure. It's best to lay heavier sex dolls flat in a storage cabinet.

3. Impact on Transportation

Transporting a full body sex doll, especially one that is large and heavy, requires more time and physical effort. First, packaging will be a big problem; if what you have is a compact full body sex doll, a regular suitcase might suffice. However, with a heavier sex doll, you not only need to consider what container can fit it but also its stability and safety during transportation. Sufficient padding and a sturdy box are necessary to prevent any damage. Additionally, heavier sex dolls often incur higher shipping costs.


Final Words

The weight of a sex doll plays a crucial role in user experience, product quality, and overall maneuverability. Love dolls can vary significantly in weight due to various factors, including materials, dimensions, features, and customization options. Handling, storing, and transporting are all affected by the doll's weight. Heavier dolls may pose more challenges in mobility, require more robust storage solutions, and incur higher transportation costs. As a beginner, it's advisable to opt for lightweight sex dolls for your initial purchase, and then consider upgrading the weight of the sex doll once you have a complete understanding of its features.