Why Are Full Size Sex Doll So Popular?

Why Are Full Size Sex Doll So Popular?

There's a wide variety of sex dolls, and full-size sex dolls are among the legal and top-selling options. Whether you're a novice in the world of sex dolls or conducting research before making a purchase, this article will be highly beneficial for you. We will introduce what full-size sex dolls are, the advantages of these dolls, and why they are so popular. This comprehensive overview will help you better understand this category of sex dolls and help you make an informed decision.


What are full-size sex dolls?

As the name suggests, full-size sex dolls refer to realistic, human-sized dolls specifically designed for adult sexual purposes. These dolls can simulate the appearance, size, weight, and even the breathing of the human. They typically feature detailed facial characteristics, and anatomically accurate body parts, and are made from materials intended to mimic the feel of human skin.

In a word, full-size sex dolls aim to replicate the human form as closely as possible in a 1:1 ratio.

 real life sex doll with small boobs

Key Features of full-Size Sex Dolls

Materials: These full-size sex dolls are typically crafted from materials such as silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), both of which provide a soft and realistic feel. For users with a preference for a softer touch, TPE dolls are recommended as they feel softer to the touch and are also more budget-friendly.

Yoga Skeleton and Articulated Joints: For those seeking a more realistic and natural experience with full-size sex dolls, choosing dolls with articulated joints is an option. This allows users to pose the doll in various positions, enhancing its natural appearance. Such joint configurations also enable the doll to assume different sexual positions for a more authentic sexual experience.

Customization: Buyers often have the option to customize their dolls, choosing features such as hair color, eye color, body type, and other characteristics to match user’s preferences. Whether you want a doll with a specific look or specific features, customization allows you to tailor your full size sex doll based on your preference.


Why Are Full-Size Sex Dolls So Popular?


The Rise of Otaku Culture

The emerging anime culture and otaku lifestyle of the 20th century have significantly influenced the way men live and choose their partners. Individuals within this subculture tend to focus on their favorite manga and related games, dedicating most of their time outside work and sleep to these interests. Their aversion to socializing reduces opportunities to meet the opposite sex, leaving their physiological needs unfulfilled. The introduction of full-size sex dolls has, to a large extent, addressed these challenges. Individuals can now customize their own exclusive companions, both emotionally and physically, based on their favorite anime characters.

full size sex doll with full size TPE curvy figure

The Impact of Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the prolonged period of staying home made people realize the importance of having a stable and long-term companion, such as a full-size sex doll. While these dolls cannot fully replace the presence of a real woman, they offer a satisfying solution for men who have been deprived of sexual activity for an extended period.

Moreover, the changes in people's lifestyles brought about by the pandemic, including the rise of remote work, have limited social interactions. After the pandemic, many individuals faced financial challenges, and traditional dating methods required not only spending money but also investing significant amounts of time. Full-size sex dolls, as a one-time investment for long-term companionship, have naturally gained popularity among many individuals.


Benefits Of Owning a Full Size Sex Doll

Owning a full-size sex doll comes with numerous advantages that can bring improvements to your life and help you better understand your own sexual needs and explore more possibilities.


TPE adult sex doll

Provides Realistic and Long-Term Companionship

A full-size sex doll, with its appearance and physique replicated one-to-one like a real person, creates an illusion of being in the presence of a genuine human. If you're someone who often feels lonely or has longed for enduring companionship, investing in a full-size sex doll might be worthwhile. Many SexDollPartner customers have shared feedback that their sex dolls have evolved beyond mere toys and become an indispensable part of their lives. As one customer commented, "No matter how late I get home from work, dragging my tired body, I know someone is sitting on the couch and waiting for my return. It makes me feel less lonely."

Offers Unparalleled Sexual Experience

Sex dolls are typically crafted from high-quality silicone and medical-grade TPE materials, providing realism, softness, and safety. To deliver the most authentic sexual experience, all full-size sex dolls strive to replicate female bodies as closely as possible, featuring realistic skin texture and subtly visible veins. Some vendors even offer customizable features such as simulated breathing and full-body heating, allowing you to engage in intimate encounters with your full-size companion even on cold winter nights.

Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality

What's your ideal partner's physique? Are you into a curvy figure with big breasts and a fat ass, or do you prefer a slender waist and small chest? Is your favorite nipple color an enticing pink? What about the color of the vaginal area? No worries – everything mentioned can be customized on the full-size sex doll when you purchase. You can even tailor the doll's skeleton based on your preferred sexual positions. Generally, a yoga skeleton allows your full-size sex doll to assume any pose you desire, making her appear more real life.

Imagine the intimate interaction with your full-size sex doll – teasing her pink nipples and juicy clitoris with your tongue, or treating her in any way you desire. Placing the full-size sex doll on your bed allows you to genuinely feel her presence, like an affectionate beauty accompanying you. With Christmas approaching and winter setting in, it's time to have a warm companion!

Save Your Money

Post-pandemic, most people's financial capabilities may not be as robust as before. For those with limited financial resources, choosing a full-size sex doll is a foolproof option. There's no need to spend significant time, effort, and money on expensive dinners or lavish gifts; yet, you can enjoy the company of an ideal beauty. Moreover, this companion can be your unwavering support in lonely moments, listening to your frustrations about life. And she will never complain when ever you want to have sex with her, providing a high emotional value. For the cost of just one designer outfit, you can have a reliable companion – a full-size sex doll, making you away from loneliness.

 TPE adult sex doll

Final Words

In conclusion, the widespread popularity of full-size sex dolls stems from their ability to cater to diverse human needs and desires. These dolls are intricately designed for realism and customization, providing individuals with a unique avenue to achieve intimate satisfaction, explore fantasies, and even find companionship. These full-size sex dolls with realistic features and customizable options will make your life more relaxed and enjoyable.