Where To Feel Full Body Sex Dolls In Real?

real full body sex doll

For some people who are just beginning to learn about full body sex dolls, one reason they might hesitate to purchase their first sex doll is simply because they haven't had the chance to physically experience one. Despite the abundance of online reviews and videos discussing realistic full body sex dolls, many people interested in them still feel uneasy about investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars without firsthand experience.

On the other hand, some people are purely curious about full body sex dolls and want to know what it's like to engage in sexual activity with such a realistic full body sex doll.

Whether you're someone with doubts about sex dolls or someone intrigued by them, this blog will be helpful to you. Here, we've compiled places where you can physically experience sex dolls. Through actual contact and experience, you'll gain a better understanding of their structure, materials, additional features, and user experience, which can help you to make a more informed decision.


Why Do We Want To Try Sex Doll In Real?

1. Out of Curiosity

Humans are naturally curious beings. This curiosity extends to anything we encounter, and it's especially true for something like sex dolls that we're considering purchasing. We want to know if these realistic sex dolls are truly as realistic as advertised. What do their beautiful faces really look like in person? Are their breasts and buttocks as soft and comfortable as claimed? As consumers, we naturally feel curious about these questions before investing in a real sex doll. To address these doubts, it's necessary to physically experience a real sex doll.

2. Explore More Sexual Possibilities

Everyone has different thoughts about sex, and some believe it's full of endless possibilities, so they want to explore more. They spend time learning various sexual knowledge and are willing to invest time and effort in understanding their own fetishes and preferences. For these people, sex dolls provide a non-judgmental, pressure-free environment. When engaging in sexual activities with a full body sex doll, they can focus on exploring and satisfying their own needs without worrying about the other party's feelings. A full body sex doll will never label them as selfish or lacking in sensitivity.

3. Seek Companionship

Since the pandemic, human relationships have become increasingly distant. After living in apartments for a long time, you might not even know what your neighbors look like or what they do. As normal human beings, few can tolerate this kind of loneliness. We want someone to talk to, but finding the right person is hard. In Japan, there's a service for companionship where you can choose to be hugged or simply express your inner distress. Compared to worrying about a real person potentially revealing your secrets or criticizing you internally, confiding in a full budy TPE sex doll can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Where Can We Feel Sex Dolls In Real?

1. Sex Doll Brothels

Yes, you heard it right—there's a place called a sex doll brothel. Unlike traditional brothels, the workers in sex doll brothels are all full size TPE sex dolls. Sex doll brothels have emerged in many developed countries, some of which may be referred to as TPE sex doll experience rooms. For a small fee, you can do anything with these TPE sex dolls, without the hassle of tedious cleaning afterward, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

2. Private Showrooms and Retailers of Full Size Sex Dolls

Private showrooms and retailers can be thought of as offline experience stores for sex dolls. However, unlike sex doll brothels, these experience stores are limited to viewing sex dolls as a commodity. You can feel their texture, but any intimate behavior beyond that is not permitted. You can see the products, understand their features, and then decide whether to make a purchase.


How to Get There?

First, you need to know where they are located and then make an appointment for your visit. Here are more details:

1.Sex Doll Brothels: Sex doll brothels are emerging worldwide. Major cities in Europe, such as Barcelona and Vienna, have seen their presence. Growth in some parts of Asia and North America has also increased. However, you can simply open your smartphone map and search for "sex doll brothel" to find the nearest one to you. Next, make a reservation. Generally, sex doll brothels are booked by the hour, so make sure to inquire about the hourly rate when making the reservation, as fees vary by country. Upon arrival, you'll be escorted to a private room with the doll of your choice. After your time is up, the doll will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next customer.

2. Private Showrooms and Retailers: Visiting private showrooms and retailers usually doesn't require an appointment, but it's a good idea to check their operating hours beforehand to avoid disappointment. In these offline stores, engaging in sexual activity with the dolls is not permitted. Instead, the dolls are neatly dressed and displayed in the store. You can walk in and discuss different models, materials, and customization options with the sales staff, who can answer your questions and help you experience the dolls firsthand. Some stores may offer a "try before you buy" option in private spaces, but this is not universal.



Considering the sex dolls as adult products, many people opt to discreetly purchase them online. While online shopping is cheap and convenient, it lacks the ability to experience sex dolls firsthand, leaving buyers uncertain if their selection is suitable. The presence of sex doll brothels, private showrooms, and retailers makes it possible for those interested to actually experience sex dolls. Exploring the world of sex dolls is a journey filled with curiosity, companionship, and personal exploration. Only after experiencing them firsthand can you make a more informed decision that you won't regret.