What Is The Sex Doll Skeleton?

What Is The Sex Doll Skeleton?

When it comes to sex dolls, the first thing that comes to your mind might be their real life facial features and realistic human-touch texture, such as elastic breasts, sexy wiggling hips, and graceful body postures. And You may also see many pictures of full size sex dolls posing like a real woman in all kinds of sex doll forums before. But do you know what allows them to do so? The answer is the sex doll skeleton. In this article, let’s deplore more about the sex doll skeleton.


Sex doll Skeletons Structure

First of all, we need to know what is the skeleton of a sex doll. The skeleton is made from steel or other alloy metals which are not easy to get rust. To make sure to present real life poses, their skeletons are designed with a series of complex articulated joints. Sexdollpartner chooses durable metals for the skeleton which allow our dolls to support up to 400 pounds of weight, suitable for both male and female partners.


However, it's important to note that this weight capacity refers to the specific torso of the metal material's ability to bear weight. We still need to handle the connections of a sex doll's skeleton with care, as the joints are comparatively weaker parts of the skeletal structure. Therefore, when moving, twisting, or positioning the doll in unnatural ways, it’s necessary to be cautious to avoid excessive force that could lead to joint damage, bending, or dislocation of the doll's skeleton. But don’t be worried about that, For the sex doll's structure no problem with normal sexual positions and forces posed.


The Evolution of Sex Doll Structures

Sex dolls are not born with perfection. It takes time to consummate, transitioning from the initial jackstraw, inflatable dolls to the real life silicone TPE sex dolls. The same applies to the doll's skeleton. The sex doll manufacturers consistently do the research and perfect the product to meet consumer’s requirements. These communities are committed to enhancing and crafting the most realistic and real life sex dolls. Currently, there are four generations of skeletal structures which have been introduced to the market. Which generation is in your possession?


First Generation: Basic Skeleton

The initial version of the basic skeleton mainly focused on the doll's overall visual appeal. Consequently, these early sex dolls looked more like Barbie dolls, with only a few joints movable. Sex dolls with this type of skeleton could only assume simple poses which are far from meeting the detailed requirements for realistic sex dolls that people desired. The range of sexual positions they could achieve was also quite limited. However, these dolls with basic skeletons had their advantages -- affordable & cost-effective.


Second Generation: Advanced Skeleton

As you know, first-generation sex dolls are rather stiff and only able to move their limbs. Therefore, the new skeleton, also known as the shoulder skeleton, underwent more refined improvements. Compared to the old skeleton, the number of joints in the shoulders significantly increased which enhanced the overall range of motion of the joints. For example, this generation's skeleton can achieve the shrugged shoulder pose that the basic skeleton couldn't achieve. This enhancement made the sex dolls much more agile and considerably boosted their liveliness. However, compared to the initial generation skeleton, the cost of dolls with this skeleton would increase notably.


Third Generation Articulated Skeleton

This new skeleton, known as the articulated skeleton or gear skeleton, has been enhanced with lower body articulation joints. Sex dolls with this type of skeleton can perform more alluring and captivating movements; they can sit down and even lie on the bed. As a result, when engaging with a sex doll intimately, you can move beyond the mundane missionary position and explore a variety of new poses that suit your preferences.


Fourth Generation Versatile Skeleton

As the name suggests, the versatile skeleton encompasses all the features mentioned above. This skeleton is also referred to as the Evo Versatile Skeleton. Sex dolls with this type of skeleton can essentially achieve human-like poses, whether sitting, lying down, or engaging in sexual positions. When combined with a sex doll featuring a realistic silicone head and implanted hair, you'll discover that your sex doll appears real life in every movement, resembling a living girl in every aspect. Hearing this, are you intrigued? However, this type of skeleton is the most expensive of all, so it's essential to carefully consider your budget before making a purchase.


How to Choose the Right Skeleton

Having learned about the various sex doll skeleton types, are you now pondering which skeleton is the most suitable for you? Moreover, Sexdollpartner offers the option of an articulated finger skeleton, allowing your sex doll to clench its fist and make different hand gestures, just like a human. My personal recommendation is to prioritize your individual needs because, at Sexdollpartner, you have the freedom to choose and customize your own sex doll's skeleton based on your specific requirements. Opt for the features you need and find practical, and you might even save some money in the process.