What Are The Best Sex Position With Your Sex Doll?

Head Full Silicone Big Booty Full Size Lifelike ELF Sex Doll

The third season of Sex Education has been played for a while. It's a remarkable TV series that's particularly suitable for individuals with sexual freedom today. This series emphasizes the importance of addressing the issues encountered in one's sexual life, stressing that both men and women should know how to please themselves. It also introduces various methods and positions to enhance sexual pleasure. Have you incorporated any of these into your own life?

In the series, Aimee, under the guidance of the female lead Maeve, discovers her G-spot through masturbation and experiences the joy of orgasm. Masturbation is one of the good ways to explore people’s desires. There are various ways to masturbate, using your hands or using toys. Currently, the hottest masturbation toys are sex dolls. Whether you are a man or a woman, we can all explore our physical potential and enjoy ultimate pleasure. Here let’s explore some exciting and satisfying positions to enhance your experience with your beloved sex doll.

1. Missionary - Experience Sexual Pleasure in the Most Traditional Position

The missionary position is popular not only in real sexual encounters but also in sexual intercourse with sex dolls. Given the doll's weight, we often choose the most effortless way, therefore, it makes the missionary position a top choice. When using this position, you can achieve maximum interaction with your doll. During sexual intercourse, the realistic big breasts sex doll's wobbling breasts can enhance your fantasies. This position allows you to fondle the boobs to intensify your pleasure during the orgasm.

How To Do?

  1. Lay your doll flat on a comfortable bed, preferably with soft, non-irritating sheets.
  2. Elevate the doll's thighs slightly and place a pillow behind her back; this will help you exert better force during lovemaking.
  3. Find the rhythm that suits you best and explore the sexual intercourse that works for you.

2. Doggy Style - Experience Sex in Its Most Primal Position

The inclination towards sex is one of humanity's nature, a manifestation of our primal instincts. For some men, the doggy-style position, with its rear-entry orientation, allows them to tap into the animal instinct, which can bring the ultimate pleasure to them. They revel in the tantalizing view from behind, experiencing a sense of dominance with each rhythmic thrust against their sex doll's big booty. This position is notably effortless. You can even use it to explore the pleasure with your chubby BBW sex dolls.

How To Do?

  1. You might put your sex doll on a chair to adjust the positioning of the arms and legs, and then move the doll to the bed. It will be better to move your doll on an office chair with small wheels.
  2.  Hands on your sex doll’s waist or hip to control the rhythm of intercourse.

3. Table Top For Shower Sex - Experience Sexual Pleasure in Your Bathroom

Shower sex has been a fantasy for many people, but can sex dolls fulfill this desire? The answer is yes for sure. Don't worry about slipping in the bathroom or the sex doll getting wet. You can place the sex doll on the sink and explore a different kind of intimacy between you two.

How To Do?

  1. Place a large bath towel on your sink to prevent the doll from slipping.
  2. Adjust the position on the official chair and then move it to the sink carefully.
  3. Hands on your sex doll’s waist or hip to control the tempo and the thrust.

Exploring different sexual positions with a sex doll can help you better understand your own desires. You can just be yourself, for there is no judgement during the intercourse with your love doll. This enables you to explore your desires and improve your sexual skills, which ultimately enhance the quality of your sexual life and enhance your relationship.

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