The Newest Sex Dolls For Summer Sales

tanned sexy full size Latina sex doll

The scorching summer is here! Have you found the perfect companion to spend your summer vacation with? If not, don't worry—SexDollPartner is doing a summer sale! Enjoy a 15% discount on all sex dolls with the promo code: SDP15. This discount even applies to our latest sex dolls. Let’s look at this week's featured dolls and find the perfect one to bring home.

1. US Stock - Wendy 4ft92/ 150cm #115 Head TPE Hot Ful Body Small Breast Sex Doll

US Stock - SexDollPartner Wendy 148cm Curly Blonde Hair Love Doll - 148cm, New Arrivals, Ridmii, US Stock - SexDollPartner

Price: $424.15

The popular lightweight blonde sex doll, Wendy, is back by popular demand. Wendy, crafted entirely from TPE, features a delicate, cute face. Her height of 150cm (4ft92) and weight of only 27kg (59.52lbs) make her a favorite among many. With fully articulated joints, you can easily pose her in any way you desire. Wendy offers three usable orifices for a varied sexual experience. To thank our customers for your support, this slim, small boobs sex doll is now available again in our US warehouse at the low price of $424.15. If you're new to sex dolls and uncertain about the cost and variety, Wendy is a decision you won't regret to make.


2. US Stock - Frankie 5ft34/ 163cm #628 Blowjob Soft Silicone Head TPE Body Brown Realistic Love Sex Doll Free 2nd Head

latina realistic sex doll

Price: $999

Frankie is the new tanned Latina sex doll this week. Her head is made of soft silicone which can offer you an oral experience with a realistic feel. If you look closely at her face, you can notice her real-life skin texture. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are implanted, adding to her realism. Her deep blue eyes are captivatingly vivid, and her slightly open mouth is irresistibly alluring. Frankie's body is made of full TPE, giving her a soft and elastic feel, especially her large breasts. For an even more realistic touch. You may also choose the jelly breast option, making her breasts feel and wobble like a real woman's during vigorous sex.

With the discount, Frankie is only $849.15 and comes with a free sex doll head. What are you waiting for? Take her home now!


3. US Stock - YAMIEE Neesa 5ft38/ 164cm K22 Silicone Head + TPE Body Full Body Blonde American Girl Sex Doll For Men

cute American girl sex doll

Price: $999

Neesa is one of the newest sex dolls in the Yamiee brand's collection of cute American girl sex dolls. Her head is made of hard silicone, so it cannot be used for oral sex. However, the implanted hair and eyebrows give her a remarkably lifelike appearance. Her light green eyes and smiling lips exude youthfulness and charm. Standing at 164cm tall, she has medium breasts that feel soft to the touch. When dressed, she looks like the adorable girl next door.


This new sex doll is available for just $999. Yamiee brand sex dolls are known for their high quality. Each doll is exclusively designed and manufactured by the brand. If you're looking to purchase a premium sex doll at an affordable price, this cute and lightweight doll is the perfect choice.

4. Dolls Castle 5ft41/ 165cm Gertie #A16S Blowjob Silicone Head TPE Body MILF Hentai Big Butt Female Sex Doll

Hentai Anime Adult Sex Doll

Price: $1,499

Gertie is the newest hentai adult sex doll from the Doll Castle brand. Does her unique appearance make you think of anything interesting? This specially designed sex doll is modeled after the Twi'leks from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The two long appendages on her head, known as lekku, or head-tails, add to her distinctive look. In the movie, these highly sensitive lekku can grasp and hold objects, responding to the lightest touch. Damaged lekku could severely affect a Twi'lek's health, but Gertie is just a full size sex doll, and her head is made entirely of silicone. So, you can safely grab her lekku during intimate sex.

Feeling curious about this fascinating sex doll? Don't miss the chance to bring her home. With the current promotional price of just $1499, you can take her home and choose from additional features to enhance your realistic sexual experience.


5. S Stock - Dolls CastleFelicia 5ft01/ 153cm #DC44 Head TPE Huge Tits Sexy Female Adult Sex Doll Free 2nd Head

Fat Ass BBW Sex Doll

Price: $1,199

Felicia is another new arrival from Dolls Castle. This new BBW sex doll is made entirely of TPE and features a voluptuous figure with a big bust and ample hips. Her impressive big tits are sure to catch the eye of any passing men, tempting them to reach out and knead. Her large breasts can also be made with a gel filling, known as "jelly breasts". Gel breasts have a more natural appearance and a softer, more comfortable feel—an option many users prefer. With all articulated joints, this big-ass sex doll can be posed in any position you like, especially doggy style. Her ample hips not only provide visual stimulation but also offer cushioning during your thrusting, making for a more comfortable sexual experience.


These are the latest sex dolls from Sexdollpartner for this week. Are you tempted yet? Choose your favorite sex doll!