The Advice To Beginners: Choose A Light Sex Doll

small boobs lightweight sex doll

What's your fantasy of body type for your sexual partner? Average, lightweight, or curvy with a voluptuous figure? Reports suggest that 65% of men worldwide prefer women with more plumpy figures, for they think that individuals with pronounced secondary sexual characteristics are more sexually attractive. Similarly, BBW sex dolls are particularly popular. When real-life options fall short of their desired body types, men turn their attention to substitutes in the realm of sex.

Why Choose a Light Sex Doll?
Sex dolls are not real people, and they won't share any weight with you. While BBW sex dolls are indeed enticing, we don't recommend that beginners opt for one with such a substantial weight. Although sex dolls are crafted to be virtually indistinguishable from real people in terms of appearance, from height and weight to skin texture, and so on, they are still not living beings. When you move or lift them, they won't assist in bearing any weight. Therefore, even a 40kg sex doll feels much heavier to carry than a 40kg real person. Plus, mishandling can easily lead to self-inflicted injuries.

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1. Ease of Handling: Lighter sex dolls are generally easier to move, pose, and handle. This can be especially important for individuals who may have physical limitations or prefer a sex doll that is more manageable in terms of weight.

2. Portability: A lighter sex doll is more portable, making it easier to store and transport. This can be advantageous for those who want to discreetly store the doll or need to move it between locations.

3. Posability: Lighter dolls may be easier to pose and maneuver into different positions. This can enhance the user experience by allowing for a greater range of poses during intimate encounters.

4. Storage: Lighter weight can be beneficial for storage purposes, especially if the doll needs to be put away when not in use. It makes the process of moving and storing the doll more convenient.

5. Reduced Strain: For individuals who may have physical limitations or concerns about lifting heavier objects, a lighter sex doll can reduce the risk of strain or injury during handling.

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How to Choose the Right Size?
The weight of a sex doll is primarily determined by two factors: height and body type. Therefore, as a beginner, you can consider these two aspects as important points when choosing a sex doll.

1. Height: Generally speaking, dolls’ weights increase with height. If you seek a more realistic experience, a full-size sex doll with a height of 165cm or above would be more suitable. However, it will also come with more weight. If you don't mind compromising on height realism, you can opt for a shorter sex doll. It's crucial to carefully consider the local laws and regulations before making a purchase, as some countries prohibit the sale of sex dolls below 150cm.

2. Weight: The weight of a sex doll is also influenced by its body type. Sex dolls come in various body types, including slim, curvy, and athletic, allowing you to choose according to your preferences. However, it's essential to note that dolls with larger breasts and big booty tend to be heavier. If you're a beginner considering such a sex doll, you may need to engage in strength training to handle the weight easily.

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We understand that some users may have preferences for certain parts of a sex doll, such as a preference for full breasts or a big fat ass. For users with these preferences, there is an alternative option available: a sex doll torso.


Realistic Half-Body Sex Doll Torso
If you are concerned about weight but not sensitive to the charm of full-size models, you may consider purchasing a realistic half-body sex doll torso. The material used for this type of sex doll torso is the same as the full-size sex dolls, made from high-quality TPE material. With big boobs and big buttons similar in size to a full-size sex doll, the weight of the sex doll's torso may only be half of a full-size sex doll.

The sex doll torsos are light and easy to carry, making it a preferred choice for many beginners. Moreover, there are various options for these torsos—you can choose a torso with a head, a half-body torso from the waist down, or a masturbator torso with only the buttocks.

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Final Words
For beginners, it is crucial to choose a sex doll of the right weight as your first sex doll. It determines whether you can have an enjoyable experience and further explore your desires. Our alliance partners have also shared advice on choosing sex dolls. 
If you really like a figure with big breasts and a big butt, you may also consider purchasing a torso of the same size as a first step..