Something You Need Know To About Articulated Fingers

Articulated fingers skeleton of sex doll

Are you still troubled by the issue of controlling a sex doll’s fingers with a wire skeleton? Users who have purchased adult sex dolls with wire skeleton fingers are likely aware that the fingers of these dolls can easily pierce the TPE material, exposing the internal wires. This not only affects the aesthetics but may also hurt users. To address this problem, manufacturers have upgraded the finger skeletons of sex dolls, introducing the latest hinged finger skeleton. This article will delve into the construction of hinged finger skeletons and explore the benefits of this type of framework.


Conventional Finger Skeleton VS. Articulated Finder Skeleton

Currently, there are two main types of finger skeletons available on the market: the conventional wire finger skeleton and the upgraded articulated finger skeleton. More details will introduced as follows.

Wire Finger Skeleton: The wire finger skeleton has been around for quite some time. As the name suggests, it is typically made up of multiple stainless steel wires. However, due to the nature of the wires, achieving natural bending is challenging. These wire finger skeletons are quite fragile and can easily damage the doll's skin. A slight mishap could also result in harm to the user by the wire finger skeleton.

Articulated Finger Skeleton: The regular hand skeleton with articulated fingers is meticulously crafted, incorporating a combination of stainless steel framework and intricate joint work. Each finger has three hinge joints, with a metal framework covered by a surface coating. This design ensures that the internal structure will be hidden beneath the doll's skin, effectively reproducing the joints of human fingers. It allows for greater flexibility while maintaining a natural appearance.


The Advantages of Articulated Fingers

In order to enhance the user experience, articulated full-joint finger skeletons have emerged in recent years. With this upgrade, the doll's fingers not only move more naturally and flexibly but also become more durable, which helps to expand their lifespan. Articulated fingers offer numerous benefits that significantly improve the doll's realism and interactive potential:

1. Increased Flexibility and Realism

The intricate joint work of three articulation points on each finger allows for more natural and flexible finger postures. This enhanced flexibility contributes to an overall increase in the doll's realism.

2. Durability & Strength

Due to the stainless steel structure, articulated fingers are more durable in use. Additionally, they can withstand a certain amount of pressure, which proves particularly useful in poses requiring hand support, such as the doggy style. However, excessive force, especially in certain positions, is not recommended.

3. Perfect Poses for Photography

The finger joints enable fine adjustments to finger bending angles, adding extra realism that is perfect for doll photography enthusiasts aiming to capture real life images.

4. Safety with Tip Design

Each fingertip comes with a "cap" to prevent the fingertips from piercing through the doll's skin, ensuring long-term safe use.


How to Choose the Right Finger Skeleton?

While finger skeletons offer many advantages, users need to take into account their reality when purchasing to ensure they get the most suitable framework for their sex doll. Therefore, when selecting a finger skeleton, it's advisable to consider the following factors:

1. Personal Preferences: If you are someone who values details, and your sex doll is not just a companion but also a model for your photography, then the articulated finger skeleton would be your top choice. It can make your sex doll look more naturally realistic, allowing for more real life and graceful movements, and enhancing the overall realism.

2. Budget: Although articulated finger skeletons come with numerous benefits, they are also more expensive than regular wire skeletons. Taking the SexDollPartner store as an example, opting for the articulated finger skeleton adds an extra $100 to the cost. If your budget is focused on an affordable sex doll, the wire finger skeleton would be your optimal choice.


Final Words

In conclusion, this carefully designed feature aims to mimic the dexterity and movement of human fingers, enhancing intimacy and interaction levels with your partner. Understanding the structure and benefits of articulated fingers can help you choose a sex doll that better suits your preferences, providing a more realistic experience. Everyone can make a choice based on their interests and budget.