Shall I Add On Standing Feet?

Shall I Add On Standing Feet?

Realistic sex dolls are different from regular Barbie dolls. Sex dolls' soles have three screws each, designed to help the sex doll stand independently. Most sex dolls come with default standing feet, but for some custom sex dolls, the option for custom feet is available. You can decide whether to add this option based on your needs and preferences.

If you are still confused about what standing feet are, or debating whether to add standing feet to your custom sex doll, this blog will be helpful for you. Especially for users who are new to sex dolls, it can help you better understand sex dolls.

What Are Standing Feet?
The standing feet on a sex doll refer to a specific feature designed to allow the doll to stand upright without additional support. Traditional sex dolls typically have flat or pointed feet, requiring external support or a stand to keep the doll in an upright position. Standing feet are an innovation that provides the doll with higher stability, enabling it to stand independently without the need for extra support.

These standing feet are usually reinforced with a metal structure inside the feet to provide strength and balance. This feature enhances the versatility of sex dolls, as it can offer a more realistic and dynamic range of poses during sexual intercourse or for aesthetic purposes.

Sex dolls without the standing feet feature are unable to stand. Sex dolls are mainly made with an inner metal structure and an outer TPE cover or silicone cover. Whether made of TPE or silicone, both materials are too soft to hold the metal. It will make them susceptible to being pierced by the internal metal structure. Therefore, it is necessary to have 3 metal screws to bear the weight of the entire doll when it stands.

The Benefit Of Standing Feet
Adding standing feet to your sex dolls can bring various benefits. It will enhance the practicality of your sex doll and the overall experience.

Realism and Versatility: Standing feet contribute to a more realistic and versatile experience for sex dolls. With standing feet, users can explore a wider range of poses and positions, making interactions more real life and dynamic. Some users purchase sex dolls for purposes beyond intimacy, such as photography or modeling clothes. Sex dolls with the ability to stand independently can better meet the diverse needs of different users.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The ability of a sex doll to stand independently enhances its visual appeal. This feature allows users to showcase the doll in different positions or settings without the need for additional support. Sex dolls with the capability to stand independently can better highlight their height advantages, creating a real life interaction when playing with them.

Convenience: Standing feet eliminate the need for external stands or supports, making it more convenient for users to place and store sex dolls. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited storage space or those who prefer more discreet settings. However, for long-term storage, it is still recommended to keep the doll in a box.

Pose Variety: With standing feet, users can explore various standing, sitting, or leaning poses, adding extra creativity and customization to their interaction with sex dolls. Instead of being confined to a few bed-based movements, users can better satisfy their sexual preferences and fantasies. The ability of a sex doll to stand independently allows for more natural and spontaneous interactions, enhancing overall intimacy. This can provide a more immersive experience for those seeking a closer connection with their dolls.

How To Cover the Screws of the Standing Feet?
While the three screws under the feet of a sex doll provide practicality, it's undeniable that these screws can impact the aesthetic appeal of the doll's feet. How can you make the standing feet of your sex doll look more elegant and beautiful? One solution is to try hiding the screws.

Use Flesh-Colored Anti-slip Caps for Screws
You can purchase anti-slip caps for screws that match the skin tone of the sex doll. These caps not only hide the screws, making the doll's feet look more natural, but they also contribute to the doll's stability while standing, protecting the standing surfaces like the base.

Dress the Sex Doll in Silicone Socks
Some doll owners choose to use silicone socks to protect their feet. Opt for silicone socks that closely match the sex doll's skin color. These socks are lightweight, soft, non-toxic, safe, and stable. You don't have to worry about the doll getting stained even with prolonged wear. Ventilation holes allow the feet to breathe and expel moisture. These socks can be worn inside or outside shoes, are reusable, and are easy to clean. You can find the socks you need through online shopping.

Final Words
Choosing a sex doll with standing feet is a decision you won't regret. The standing feet enable your sex doll to stand independently, allowing you to explore more sexual positions with her. Sex dolls who are able to stand independently look more real life, enabling you to embrace and kiss them while standing. This makes her a part of your daily life, accompanying you in various activities.