SexDollPartner Newest Released "Moira" The Vibe Torso Sex Doll

SexDollPartner Newest Released

For people who checking around Sex dolls for a while, There are some problems we have to face when we made the decision to pick up a doll. 

1, Storge, When you pick up a doll first thing you faceing is proper storage,  Whether to keep from somebody else sight or keep the doll in suitable store conditions. For a full-size doll which requires a large place to store. 

2, Weight, a full-sized doll is considered heavy (start at least 66 lb (30 Kg), if it is a BBW type, the weight could be up to 132lb (60Kg). when you cleaning it up with no patience in a slippery bathroom, things could get tricky😅.


SexDollPartner here provides you a wonderful joy option to help you avoid those situations. 

Introducing Moira, SexDollPartner  Electric Vibe Torso Sex Doll.
Without the "unnecessary" part, Moira is extremely compact, with her head the height is only 33 in (85cm)
Moira has A full-size doll's head, with her cute face, the product is simulating a lovely girl who is trying hard to pleasing you.
Now let's undress Moira!👀
Moira's whole Body is Pale white which matches her face perfectly. 

it's built by Medical Level TPE Material, soft, realistic, buttery, and bouncing. 
The vagina grip is tight and deep, when you put your finger in it can feel the squeezing nicely. 
Also, there is a second Fun hole you can play, squeezing feeling even more than the vagina.

There is no need to worry about the channel being too short, the depth is up to 18CM. Because the soft rubber is elastic, it will stretch the soft rubber to completely envelop you during experience, and it will also produce a sucking sensation. Doesn't matter if you are a gentleman or a pornstar, even a Terminator or whatsoever, Moira can handle you just fine.😎😎

Both Fine Holes are well-textured inside and overall softness is max, you can not break it even if it is violently pulled, Large number small particle protrusions and spiral flesh touch inside can bring a whole new experience.Also, to earn sure your genitals feel comfortable and pleasurable. 

The back of Moira, I would say, it's just Fabulous! sexy waistline from top to the hip, raised butt to give you control, I'm pretty sure all "Doggy” lover knows exactly what I'm talking about.😶
There's more if you plug in the charging cable that comes with Moira, her beautiful body is going to wiggly to match your "Piston Motion", this could provide you a reaction just like having real sex!

What else could a guy ask from Moira? Click here and bring her home!  A man must have an Moira, to clear away fatigue and sleep well every night.💕