Prioritizing Your Pleasure: Your Feelings Matter During Sex — For Girls

Prioritizing Your Pleasure: Your Feelings Matter During Sex — For Girls

Girls, have you ever had such an experience? Even though you didn’t feel good when you have sex with your husband or boyfriend, you will try to pretend that he makes you high. But, do our feelings not matter? Absolutely not! As a girl, understanding the significance of your own emotional and physical well-being during sex is empowering. It's crucial to prioritize your own feelings, desires, and pleasure. So, how can we do that?

 First, please embrace your boundaries. We shall recognize and honor your personal boundaries. Try to communicate your limits and preferences to your partner, so as to have a safe and consensual experience. We need to be keenly aware that our comfort and consent are crucial. If not, men will keep asking you to do what they like, instead of caring about what you want.

There is a case I read from a forum. A girl, let’s call her Amanda, loves her boyfriend so much. It seems that she can do anything for her darling boyfriend. Even though her boyfriend asks her to have anal sex or make love with his mates. Amanda doesn’t like it but still accepts it. I was quite shocked and distressed about her.

Girls, your feelings matter, especially during sex. If you don’t like it, please just rejected it. Whoever he is. No one has the right to do something you don’t like. If you really want to please your boyfriend, you can buy a sexdoll for him. With the development of technology, sex dolls are made more and more realistic. And we can even customize the doll based on our preferences. There are so many choices, such as chubby sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, and so on.

Second, we need to focus on our emotional connection. It can improve our overall sexual experience. It can create an environment of trust and intimacy when you feel connected, valued, and respected. That enables you to fully embrace and enjoy the moment.

Third, Girls, we shall communicate with our desires. It’s critical to have open and honest communication with your partner. Try to express your desires, fantasies, and needs with your partner, which can make your partner better understand us and fulfill them. Remember, your pleasure matters, and effective communication helps create a more enjoyable experience for both partners.

Forth, explore our bodies. We shall take some time to explore our own bodies and understand what brings us pleasure. We are the owner of our body. We can better discover our erogenous zones, preference, and unique desires via self-exploration and self-pleasure, and then share them with our partner. That can lead to a more satisfying sexual connection.

Last but not least, show your consent and agency: Your consent is fundamental in every sexual encounter. Feel empowered to express your consent or withdraw it at any point.  Every sex without sexual consent can be called rape. So girls, please be yourself! Do what you want and reject what you hate. Understanding that you have agency over your body and sexual experiences allows you to prioritize your comfort, well-being, and pleasure.

As a girl, recognizing the importance of your feelings, desires, and pleasure during sex is essential. Embrace your boundaries, communicate openly, and prioritize your emotional and physical well-being. By focusing on your own pleasure and creating a safe and consensual space, you can embark on a fulfilling and empowering sexual journey. Remember, your feelings matter, and your sexual experiences should leave you feeling valued, satisfied, and empowered.