Prepare 3 Things For Better Sex With Your Sex Doll

blonde full-size TPE sex doll

As society evolves, people are becoming increasingly open and accepting of sexuality. We embrace the existence of the LGBT community and fetishes. We are also not afraid of talking about sex toys in public, since we know that sexuality is as natural a human need as eating and sleeping. The emergence of sex toys allows us to explore our bodies better and satisfy our desires. It is for this reason that full-size sex dolls have been able to develop more effectively and rapidly. Today's full-size sex dolls are crafted to be lifelike, resembling real, beautiful women, and they accompany many lonely men through countless lonely nights. However, for beginners who are new to owning a full-size sex doll, it's best to prepare these 3 things before having sex with your full-size sex doll. This will make your relationship with the sex doll more enjoyable.


1. Mental Preparation

Although the newest sex dolls are incredibly realistic and equipped with various real-life features such as breathing, automatic oral sex, and automatic vaginal suction, these advancements do not change the fact that sex dolls are passive entities. This means that sex dolls cannot respond to your language and actions in real time, nor can they adjust to your physiological and psychological needs during sex on their own. You need to take the initiative to change sexual positions. Therefore, it'll be better not to have overly high expectations of sex dolls to avoid disappointment.

However, realistic sex dolls are still a good choice to spice up your sex life. They accurately replicate the human body, allowing you to freely fondle their breasts or spank their buttocks when having sex with them. They can also provide a threesome-like experience for you and your partner.


2. Thorough Full-Body Cleaning

Before each use of a sex doll, it's essential to thoroughly clean the entire body of your full-size sex doll for your health and safety. This is especially crucial for newly purchased sex dolls. Upon receiving your new sex doll, it's imperative not to rush into using it. Instead, begin by cleaning the doll thoroughly because sex dolls do not undergo any cleaning procedures from production to shipping. Many people handle sex dolls during production, and there's a risk of bacterial and viral contamination during transportation. Therefore, upon receiving the package, the first step should be disinfecting the sex doll's outer packaging, followed by cleaning and disinfecting the sex doll itself.

When cleaning a sex doll, it's important to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the cleaning kit they provide. The cleaning solution for sex dolls is different from regular household cleaning solutions because it needs to have antibacterial properties and should not damage the materials used in the manufacturing of the sex doll.


3. Prepare the Right Lube

It is essential to use appropriate lubricant when having sex with a sex doll. Unlike real women, sex dolls do not produce any natural fluid as a lube, making it necessary for you to use lubricant to pentration. Before selecting a right lubricant, you need to know the material of your sex doll. The lubricants required for silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls differ. Generally, water-based lubricants are suitable for both types of sex dolls as they are safe, effective, easy to clean, and do not harm silicone or TPE materials.

It's worth mentioning that using the correct lubricant is crucial to avoid causing irreversible damage to the sex doll. Here are lubricants that should be avoided for both silicone and TPE sex dolls:

Lubricants to Avoid for Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone-based lubricants: Over time, these lubricants can damage silicone materials, causing the surface to become sticky or tacky and may lead to degradation.

Lubricants to Avoid for TPE Sex Dolls:

Oil-based lubricants: These lubricants can degrade TPE materials, causing them to become sticky and prone to tearing.

Silicone-based lubricants: While less damaging than silicone-based lubricants, silicone-based lubricants can still cause TPE to become sticky and degrade over time.


Final Words

To enhance your experience with a sex doll, proper preparation is key. Firstly, maintaining realistic expectations of the sex doll is crucial to avoid disappointment and loss of interest over time. Secondly, thorough cleaning of the doll's entire body ensures a healthy sexual environment. Lastly, having appropriate lubrication on hand ensures smooth and pleasurable sexual encounters. By following these steps, you can not only enhance physical satisfaction but also cultivate a deeper sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in your sex with the sex doll.