Is Your Sex Doll Safe To Use?

Is Your Sex Doll Safe To Use?

The sex doll business is booming. In 2022, the global Sex Doll market size reached USD 411.2 million and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.77% during the forecast period, reaching USD 644.09 million by 2028. Nowadays, everyone is getting in on the action, from individual users to couples, from millennials to baby boomers. Research suggests that some sex toys are beneficial for our health.

But are sex dolls really safe? This is a question that every new sex doll buyer and enthusiast has likely pondered, especially first-time purchasers whose decision to buy may hinge on the answer. Firstly, it can be assured that sex dolls purchased through reputable channels and stores are indeed safe. Prioritizing consumer safety many manufacturers use high-quality materials. For instance, most of sex dolls are made of ultra-soft silicone and medical-grade TPE materials ensure the safety of sex dolls and provide a more comfortable experience. For more on sex doll safety, including material safety, privacy concerns, and safe usage, you can find answers in this blog post.


Is Your Sex Doll's Material Safe?

Most sex dolls are indeed safe. There is a plethora of sex doll manufacturers and dealers on the market today, offering a wide variety of products that can be overwhelming. The majority of these businesses are reputable and prioritize consumer safety. They use high-quality silicone materials and medical-grade TPE. These doll manufacturers never compromise on the production of their dolls. They place great importance on every aspect of doll production, from sourcing raw materials to processing and packaging, ensuring that the final sex doll is of high quality and free from harmful substances.

Although most doll manufacturers prioritize quality and put material safety first, it cannot be ruled out that some unscrupulous vendors may use low-quality materials with stimulating odors and allergic materials to cut costs. In this era of rampant online shopping, avoiding purchasing low-quality sex dolls is not easy, as the characteristics of inferior materials mentioned above are difficult to detect online. The best way is to avoid purchasing sex dolls at excessively low prices. Some vendors may offer products at low prices as part of promotions, but they generally do not drop below $400. If you come across sex dolls priced below $100, do not hesitate to close the webpage immediately. Undoubtedly, it is a fraudulent website. Some of our customers have reported being scammed by these websites.


Is Your Privacy Protected When Buying a Sex Doll?

If you choose to purchase a sex doll from a legitimate and reputable website, then you can rest assured about this safety issue. Protecting customer privacy is a fundamental business practice, and it is illegal to disclose customer privacy without the consent of the business. Any reputable business striving for long-term success would not make such a mistake.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about your credit card statement revealing your purchase. Credit card statements only display the company name of the sex doll website, without specifying the product name. Therefore, you can confidently make your purchase. As long as you keep it to yourself, the secret of buying a sex doll will never be discovered by anyone else. Just wait for the delivery and enjoy endless fun with your doll!


How to Safely Use a Sex Doll?

1.Thoroughly disinfect the sex doll upon receipt. After receiving the sex doll, don't rush to use her. Instead, take some time to disinfect her for better enjoyment. The outer packaging of sex dolls may have been exposed to viruses and bacteria during long-distance transportation, and the sex doll is likely contaminated too. Upon receiving your beloved sex doll, refrain from immediately opening it. You can disinfect the surface of the cardboard box with alcohol wipes. After taking the sex doll out, it's essential to perform a complete disinfection before use because sex dolls are not disinfected after being manufactured in the factory.

2.Clean and maintain after use. If you've used the sex doll's mouth or vagina, be sure to carefully clean and air-dry them as outlined in my previous blog to prevent bacterial growth and mold. For other skin surfaces of the sex doll, you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth and then apply a suitable amount of talcum powder after air-drying.

3.Avoid sharing your sex doll with others. While sex dolls themselves do not carry any sexually transmitted diseases, sharing a sex doll with others may lead to the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted diseases are mainly spread through saliva, blood, and bodily fluids. Sharing a sex doll that hasn't been properly cleaned or sanitized poses a significant risk of infection. Furthermore, a sex doll is your personal possession, so it's important to keep it private.


Final Words

Every sex doll manufacturer is committed to ensuring the safety and health of its products. Through professional supervision and production processes, the quality of silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls is guaranteed, providing a comfortable and safe user experience.

To purchase a safe sex doll, it's essential to choose reputable dealers, such as SexDollPartner. This website offers a 7-day return service, ensuring that you receive a sex doll with intact materials and in the style you prefer. To safely use a sex doll, thorough cleaning after the first use and regular maintenance after each subsequent use are necessary. Lastly, refrain from sharing your sex doll indiscriminately. This not only respects the sex doll but also protects your health.