How To Use Sex Dolls For Oral Sex?

Silicone Head TPE Body Big Boobs Blowjob Sex Doll

Are you an enthusiast of oral sex but frustrated that you can't find a partner who's into it? Don't worry, you're not alone, as not everyone is comfortable with oral sex. However, there's an alternative - a sex doll designed for oral pleasure. Thanks to technological advancements, today's sex dolls are becoming increasingly real life. They not only resemble real women in terms of appearance but also in terms of sexual functionality, with the introduction of oral sex features being a testament to this.

Mastering how to properly use a blowjob sex doll can not only enhance the realism and pleasure of oral sex but also prolong the lifespan of your sex doll. Therefore, in this article, we will specifically talk about how to perform oral sex using a sex doll. 

New Function In Oral Sex Doll

New sex dolls not only aim for real life appearances but also come with several new features to enhance the oral sex experience for consumers. Here are some of the new features that oral sex dolls possess: 

  1. Automatic Oral Suction: Simulates realistic oral sex sensations by mimicking human mouth suction.
  2. Auto Blow Job: Free up your hands and enjoy effortless oral sex with precise control over the angle.
  3. Oral Heating: Experience even greater realism with a warm mouth for your oral sex adventures.

The Advantages Of Oral Sex Doll

  1. Get Oral Sex At time you want

The biggest difference in oral sex between a sex doll and a real woman is that a sex doll is ready for your penetration whenever you desire. When engaging with a sex doll, there's no need for foreplay or communication in advance. You can simply ask your realistic sex doll to do the blowjob for you. Moreover, when a sex doll performs oral sex on you, there's no discomfort or fatigue involved, which means you can enjoy uninterrupted oral sex until orgasm without needing to withdraw your penis midway.

  1. Cum In Her Mouth

Some women may be willing to perform oral sex on you but may not accept your cumming in their mouths, for semen doesn’t test well. Furthermore, during ejaculation, the penis typically becomes unusually firm and reflexively seeks more friction. This can easily cause discomfort for the woman providing oral sex, leading to issues like gagging and difficulty breathing.

     3.No Worries About STD(Sexually Transmitted Diseasesstd)

As we all know, sexually transmitted infections (STDs) can be transmitted not only through traditional sexual intercourse but also through oral and anal sex. The pleasure will be significantly reduced when using a condom during oral sex. You won't have to worry about this issue when performing oral sex with a sex doll. As long as you clean your sex doll thoroughly after each use, you can enjoy worry-free oral sex with your sex doll.

How To Us Sex Doll For Oral Sex?

  1. Preparation

Before starting oral sex with your sex doll, you can preheat your doll's mouth to avoid any discomfort from a cold mouth. Have tissues ready for cleaning up afterward. Last but not least, prepare a bottle of the right lubricant. Using an appropriate amount of lubrication will ensure that you experience the same pleasure as real oral sex.

  1. Adjust the Position of the Sex Doll

Here are two positions for your reference:

Sitting Position: You stand while your doll sits on a chair at an appropriate height. This position is the most effortless and convenient for controlling your sex doll.

Kneeling Position: If you have an automatic oral sex doll, you can have your doll kneel while you sit on the sofa. This position allows you to enjoy oral sex in the most comfortable way.

  1. Appropriate Pressure

Adjust the pressure from your oral sex doll according to your preferences. If you desire a more realistic deep-throat sensation, gently grasp her hair when inserting it into your beloved sex doll's mouth. You can control the tempo and thrust by holding her head. I am sure you will get ultimate pleasure.

  1. Cleaning & Maintenance

If you want her to provide the best sucking experience every time, don't forget to clean your sex doll after your ejaculation. Simply rinse her with warm water and place her in a cool, dry area to air dry, and then apply some lip oil.

Final words

Try to customize your perfect sex doll based on your preferences from the latest features to appearance, for sex dolls can make your fantasies into reality. This is the complete guide to using silicone sex dolls for oral sex. Go ahead and try it with your sex doll; you'll definitely enjoy it because sex dolls can fulfill all your oral sex needs.