How To Replace Eyeballs For Your Sex Doll?

How To Replace Eyeballs For Your Sex Doll?

In real life, women often enhance their makeup by wearing colored contact lenses to change eye color, creating a more coordinated and beautiful overall look. Similarly, if you want to change the eye color of your sex doll, you can achieve this by replacing the eyeballs. Altering the makeup and eye color can give your sex doll a unique and distinctive charm. Are you considering getting new eyeballs for your sex doll? This blog will guide you step by step on how to do it and help you choose eyeballs that suit your sex doll perfectly.


The Introduction Of Sex doll's Eyeballs

Before getting hands-on, let's first understand what sex doll eyeballs are. Currently, there are two types of eyeballs available for sex dolls: hemispherical eyeballs and fully articulated eyeballs. Both types of eyeballs are generally made of acrylic, a material that combines the clarity of glass with durability and resistance to breakage, making them reusable.

Hemispherical eyeballs are commonly used for TPE sex dolls, and they contain a certain amount of cotton inside, providing stability and easy movement to the eyeballs.

Fully movable eyeballs are typically used for hard silicone head dolls. Due to the low elasticity and high hardness of hard silicone, using fully articulated eyeballs can better fix the eyeballs, giving the sex doll's eyes a more real life appearance.


Step-by-Step Guides for Replacing Eyeballs

Hemispherical Eyeball Replacement for TPE Sex Dolls:

Tools: Tweezers, Cotton, New Eyeballs, TPE Sex Doll Head

Now, let's go through the steps for changing the eyeballs:

Step 1: Use tweezers or a cotton swab to gently remove the eyeball and the cotton behind it from the eye socket.

Step 2: Reinsert cotton into the eye socket, adding a bit of extra cotton if needed.

Step 3: Carefully install the new eyeball in place.

Step 4: Use your fingertips to adjust the eyeball to the desired angle.

Hemispherical Eyeball Replacement for TPE Sex Dolls

Full Articulation Eyeball Replacement for Hard Silicone Head Sex Dolls:

Tools: Round-Headed Stick, Tweezers, Water-Based Lubricant, New Eyeballs, Hard Silicone Head

Here is the step-by-step replacement:

Step 1: Use a round-headed stick to enter from the side of the eye socket, lever out and remove the eyeball.

Step 2: Apply some water-based lubricant on the edge of the eye socket and behind the new eyeball.

Step 3: Insert the new eyeball into the eye socket.

Step 4: Use the pointed end of tweezers to slightly adjust the eyeball to your desired angle.

Full Articulation Eyeball Replacement for Hard Silicone Head

Tips for Replacing Eyeballs:

1. Choose a tool with a smooth, silicone-like rounded stick for lifting the eyeballs. Tools of this kind have significant friction with the eyeballs, making it easy to lift them without scratching the eyeball surface or damaging the doll's skin around the eyes.

2. When replacing eyeballs, avoid forcefully stretching the corners of the doll's eyes to prevent tearing the eyelids and damaging the doll's eyelashes.

3. It is not recommended to frequently replace eyeballs for hard silicone sex doll heads. Hard silicone has high hardness and low elasticity, and frequent replacements may damage the area around the doll's eyes.


Choosing the Right Eyeballs

Your Preferences Come First:

Your personal preferences should take precedence. Some individuals have specific preferences for eyeball colors; for example, some may prefer sex dolls with blonde hair and blue eyes, finding them more beautiful and attractive. Others might favor brown-eyed dolls, appreciating the exotic flair that complements various makeups and outfits. If you have distinct preferences, choosing a customized sex doll allows you to have your favorite look right from the factory.

Considering Makeup and Outfits:

Take into account your sex doll's makeup and outfits when deciding on eyeball colors. Golden hair pairs well with blue or green eyes, exuding an elegant and sophisticated appearance. On the other hand, black hair complements brown or black eyes, creating a distinctly exotic allure.

Final Words

After the step-by-step guide on eyeball replacement, are you considering giving your sex doll a makeover? In a word, the process of changing sex doll eyeballs is a delicate and precise task that demands careful attention to detail. Whether you're seeking alterations for maintenance, customization, or personal preference, adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines is crucial to ensuring a seamless and safe replacement.

If you encounter any difficulties during the replacement process, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer's customer support for guidance. Proper care and precision not only maintain the visual appeal of the sex doll but also contribute to a more satisfying and immersive experience.