How To Last Longer In Bed By Using Full-Body Sex Dolls?

latina full body female sex doll

While medical studies indicate that 3 ~ 12 minutes is a normal duration for male performance in bed, with anything below 3 minutes considered premature ejaculation, many men still feel concerned about their performance time in bed. They wish to prolong their time in bed and enhance their performance. Have you ever felt troubled by your duration in bed? The good news is that the duration of sex can be extended through practice and training. This article will explore how you can last longer in bed by using full body sex dolls.


Why do Men Try to Prolong their Sex on Bed?

Before delving further into how to prolong, let's explore why men aim to prolong their sexual encounters. Every man is different, and the reasons for wanting to last longer in bed vary. Here are the four most common reasons:

1. Enhance Partner's Satisfaction

Many men seek to prolong sexual time to ensure their partner reaches orgasm. Most men are aware that only about 30% of women can achieve vaginal orgasms. According to a study from 2017-2018, the average time for women to reach orgasm during vaginal intercourse is 13.41 minutes, with a 95% confidence interval of 12.76-14.06 minutes. Therefore, men aim to extend their erection time to help their partner achieve orgasm and increase satisfaction with sexual activity.

2. Increase Pleasure

Properly extending the duration of male sexual activity can prolong penetration time, which can maximize friction on the glans and increase personal pleasure.

3. Sense of Achievement

Some men feel a sense of accomplishment from being able to last longer in bed, which boosts their self-esteem.

4. Peer Pressure

Due to inadequate early understanding of sexual activity duration, cultural and social norms mistakenly portray sexual duration as a measure of a man's sexual prowess. Men may feel pressure to meet these expectations. What's more men are more inclined to discuss their sexual encounters with peers, which leads to comparisons and feelings of inadequacy. And it prompts men to strive for longer-lasting performance.


How to Prolong Your Sexual Time by Using Full-Body Sex Dolls?

Male sexual stamina, or endurance, can be continuously strengthened through muscle-like training. On one hand, it's essential to cultivate good dietary habits and maintain a balanced nutrition intake. On the other hand, full-body sex dolls can be utilized for training purposes.

1. Practice Control and Endurance

The greatest advantage of using full-body sex dolls is that their entire body's sexual organs are designed to replicate real females on a one-to-one scale which allows you to simulate realistic scenarios. Additional features of realistic TPE sex dolls, such as vaginal tightness and full-body heating, can provide a more authentic sexual experience. In this scenario, you can simulate real sex by practicing having sex with the doll. You may also practice controlling penetrative rhythm to better manage your ejaculation.

Additionally, it's very beneficial to repeatedly practice Edging Techniques. Practice edging during intercourse. When you get close to the point of ejaculation, you should stop to let the excitement subside before continuing. This can help you learn to control orgasm.

2. Try Different Positions

Having sex with a real life full body sex doll in a safe environment can help you discover less stimulating positions. Experiment with different positions, some of which may be less stimulating and allow you to last longer. This can also help you identify which positions you can maintain for longer periods. When engaging with a real sexual partner, you'll be better able to control your rhythm and duration, stimulating your partner's G-spot for as long as possible until orgasm. Practicing with sex dolls can also enhance endurance in various positions, improving performance with a partner.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

With a full body sex doll, you can rediscover your own body and engage in a learning process without worrying about judgment from others. Practicing with the sex doll can help you better adapt to the sensation of thrusting and reduce the sensitivity of glans. You can practice the positions where you ejaculate more easily with the sex doll to understand the reasons behind your ejaculation. By practicing repeatedly and analyzing the reasons, you can improve your skills and make corresponding adjustments during real sex. Plus, deep breathing can help control libido and delay ejaculation. Practicing these techniques with the doll can enhance your control during real sexual encounters.


Final Words

During an interview, a doll manufacturer CEO Matt McMullen stated, "You go to the gym to work out, you get stronger. Having sex with a sex doll just improves your 'skills'. Full-body sex dolls can help you last longer in bed, so try different positions, and become more skillful." If you're the one concerned about the duration of your sexual encounters, perhaps consider purchasing a TPE sex doll as your sexual training partner. You're sure to become enamored with her.