How To Get And Hide Your Sex Doll Discreetly?

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Do you already own a full size adult sex doll , or are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new companion? For those living alone, the arrival of a sex doll can be an exciting event. However, if you reside with family or have purchased a sex doll without your partner's consent, the arrival of this full size, amply-endowed companion may bring not only excitement but also concerns. Worries might include the fear of your mom discovering a full size sex doll with generous curves or concerns about potential arguments with your partner upon discovering your realistic sex doll.

If you aim to discreetly own a sex doll without anyone being the wiser, there are a series of confidentiality measures to consider, including secret transportation, discreet delivery, and confidential storage of your sex doll. Wondering how to go about it? This blog will provide step-by-step guidance.

How to Buy Your Sex Doll Discreetly?

To purchase a sex doll discreetly, it's important to prevent any hints that the item you're buying is indeed a sex doll. Today, thanks to the advancements in online shopping, people can buy what they desire without worrying about judgment from others. While the seller may promise discreet shipping, there's still a chance that your credit card could betray you. To address this, when choosing a payment method, remember to opt for PayPal. In this way, your credit card statement will only display the seller's company name, instead of the product's name, which can ensure a truly discreet purchase.


How to Get Your Sex Doll Discreetly?

Make an appointment before receiving your express parcel. If you don't want to receive a delivery call from the courier during a family gathering, telling you that your delivery will arrive in 5 minutes, it's essential to coordinate a suitable delivery time in advance. It's best to choose a time when everyone in the household is away, allowing the courier to deliver the package without any awkward situations. This approach not only helps you avoid embarrassment but also enables you to promptly check for any packaging damage and inspect the doll's quality as soon as you receive it.

How to Hide Your Sex Doll Discreetly?

If you want to keep your sex doll hidden securely for the long term, you should first consider places that are unlikely to be accessed by anyone else besides yourself. We'll discuss this separately for those living with family and those living with your wife.

1. Tuck Your Sex Doll Away in Your Closet

If you have a luxurious custom closet, it can be an excellent place to discreetly hide your adult sex dolls. First of all, a closet is a very private space, and whether it's your parents or siblings, they are unlikely to barge into your room and start rummaging through your closet. As long as you pack your sex doll well, lay them flat at the bottom of the wardrobe, and place some clothes you rarely wear on top and around, then nothing needs to be worried about. Even if you invite family members to visit your room and closet, they cannot discovered you full size sex doll.

However, this method is not suitable for situations where you live with your partner, as your wife or partner is the one who is likely to open the wardrobe to organize clothes.

2. Hide Your Dolls Discreetly Under The Bed

If you're living with family, hiding your dolls under the bed can be a good option. It's widely known that family members are unlikely to invade your room without your permission. Your mom may occasionally enter to help you clean the room, but you can choose to clean it yourself to avoid anyone discovering your secret under the bed.

Although under the bed is an excellent place to hide your dolls, it's not the most doll-friendly environment. Therefore, before hiding your dolls, it's a good idea to pack them in a specific doll box to protect them. This will help prevent your TPE dolls from dust, which can lead to contamination and aging of the doll's TPE skin and shorten the doll's lifespan.

The methods mentioned above are suitable for situations where you live with your family. The following two methods are more suitable for situations where you live with a partner.

3. Make Good Use Of Your Garage

Our garage is usually used not only for parking but also for storing some repair tools. If you're in charge of reparation of your house, then these repair tools are not likely to be tampered with by others. At most, your wife might just take a quick look in the garage and then drive the car away.

You can tidy up the garage, place your doll that is in the container in a concealed corner, and surround it with some repair tools as a cover. Your wife won’t have any suspicions in this way.

4. "Discard" your doll in the utility room.

If the garage is a place your wife frequents, then the utility room in the basement must be a place where hardly anyone will have the opportunity to visit. Her occasional visits might involve storing infrequently used items, and the utility room is likely to be so cluttered that even your wife won't be aware of what's in there, let alone think about using anything. All you need to do is mix your well-packed adult dolls in the pile of clutter and surround them with other items. Your wife is sure not to notice the new member in your utility room.

Final Words

Now, you have learned some good methods to hide your adult sex dolls from your family or your wife. Most of these strategies don't require significant effort and can be executed easily without much difficulty. Of course, if you're willing, you can also create your unique methods to keep your full-size adult sex dolls hidden from your significant other. We hope these methods can somehow assist you in keeping your dolls and your spouse apart.

Finally, if you are married or in a committed relationship, it's advisable to discuss it with your spouse before purchasing an adult doll. Buying and enjoying adult dolls with your spouse's consent can be a wonderful thing. You won't have to worry about when you might be discovered by your spouse, and you can even invite your spouse to join in the fun. If you don’t know how to approach the conversation with your spouse, you can read my previous blog on "How to Persuade Your Partner to Buy a TPE Love Doll?" to get some guidance.