How Can I Move My Sex Doll Indoor?

Life size adult love sex doll

With the increasing realism of love dolls, many full-size sex dolls are made with a similar weight as an actual person. Many TPE and silicone dolls can indeed weigh around or over 80 pounds, particularly if they fall into the category of larger, more robust designs, often celebrated for their curvaceous beauty. As these dolls evolve to closely resemble human beings, their weight plays a role in providing a genuine tactile experience, enhancing the authenticity of the connection between the user and their real life companion.


Many people prefer dolls with a curvy figure, especially those with big boobs and a big butt– often the top choice for many men. However, newbies in the world of sex dolls should be aware that such voluptuous silicone or TPE sex dolls tend to have a larger weight, therefore it will be not easy to move them around. To know how to maneuver your TPE sex dolls easily and safely, this article will offer some advice.


Make Yourself Stronger

It will be a good time to hit the gym and make yourself stronger when you place a sex doll order because you’re going to lift a sex doll with human size weight. If you’re stronger, you can move your love doll easier. Here are some suggestions for your reference:

Boosted physical fitness contributes to better lifting techniques, fostering strength in your legs, arms, and core muscles.

Incorporating extra walking into your daily routine gently improves your overall fitness.

Bodyweight exercises, which are cost-free and convenient to initiate at home, can build your strength. Squats develop leg power, press-ups enhance arm muscles, and lunges and planks target your core, safeguarding your lower back.

Workout sessions don't need to be lengthy or necessitate a gym membership or elaborate equipment. The Body Coach offers 15-minute routines, ideal for beginners and equipment-free.

Before embarking on any new fitness regimen, remember to consult your doctor.

As your fitness, strength, and lifting technique improves over time, you'll notice your doll becomes easier to maneuver.


Use Some Tools

The most straightforward method for transporting a love doll involves using a wheelchair or one of those spacious black office chairs equipped with multiple wheels. This option is likely the most convenient, as it requires minimal effort from the owner and reduces the risk of strain, injury, back discomfort, or any related concerns. Additionally, this approach guarantees the doll's safety, effectively preventing any potential damage.

Here are also some other tools for your reference. When using any of these tools, remember to be cautious and follow proper lifting techniques to avoid injury to yourself or damage to your full-size sex doll.

Dollies or Hand Trucks

These wheeled platforms are designed to carry heavy objects, making them an effective option for moving sex dolls. They can reduce the strain on your back and provide stability during transportation.

Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are designed to distribute weight evenly and allow you to lift heavy objects using your shoulders and legs. They can make lifting and moving a sex doll much easier. To use lifting straps for moving your sex doll, follow these steps: Place the lifting straps under the doll's body, positioning one near the head and the other near the hips. Adjust the straps to ensure they're snug but not overly tight. Bend your knees, engage your leg muscles, and grip the lifting straps. Lift the doll using your leg strength, keeping your back straight. Walk slowly and carefully while holding the straps, moving the doll to your desired location. Lifting straps distribute the weight, reducing strain on your back. Always practice proper lifting techniques and consider enlisting help for larger dolls.

Carrying Bags

Some manufacturers offer carrying bags designed specifically for sex dolls. These bags provide handles and padding to help you safely carry the doll. You might follow the steps below to move your sex doll. First, open the bag and lay it flat on the ground. Gently place your doll inside, ensuring it's centered and positioned properly. Close the bag securely, making sure all zippers or fasteners are properly fastened. Lift the bag by its handles or straps, using your leg strength to avoid straining your back. Walk carefully and steadily to your desired location. Carrying bags provide protection and discretion while moving your doll. Always ensure the bag is sturdy and appropriately sized for your doll's dimensions before using it for transportation.


Learn Some Labor-saving Postures

Baby Koala Posture

Hold her like a baby, that's the key. Extend her arms to shoulder height and raise her legs to align with the arms, bending at the knees. Lift her just as you lift a lightweight lady, cradling her against your chest. Her arms should encircle your neck while resting against your shoulder.

Potato Sack Posture

Hoist her over your shoulder like a bag of potatoes. Lift your doll from the waist, ensuring she's slightly bent at the waist, with her abdomen resting on your shoulder. Be cautious around tight corners and turns to prevent accidentally bumping her head against walls or doorways.


In conclusion, moving your sex doll indoors requires careful consideration and the right techniques to ensure both your doll's safety and your convenience. Whether you choose to use lifting straps, carrying bags, or other methods, prioritizing proper lifting techniques and using suitable tools is essential. Always be mindful of your surroundings, avoid sharp corners or obstacles, and take your time when moving your doll. By following these guidelines, you can seamlessly and safely maneuver your sex doll indoors, ensuring a satisfying experience without any unnecessary strain or damage.