Heated Function Make Your Sex Doll Real

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As we all know, whether it's TPE sex dolls or silicone sex dolls, they are crafted to be incredibly real life. The implanted hair and delicate facial features look as real life as a real person It's as if the sex doll could come to life with just a blink of an eye. Despite the remarkably realistic skin texture of sex dolls, some users still find them lacking in authenticity because the dolls' bodies are too cold. Especially in winter, touching such a cold sex doll can quench someone's desire.

Sex doll manufacturers always prioritize consumer needs. Through relentless efforts, major sex doll manufacturers have finally invented the heating function for sex dolls. Curious about how the heating function can make your sex doll more realistic? This blog will take you behind the scenes to learn more about the function.

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What is the Heating Function of Sex Dolls?

The heating function provides a realistic warmth, akin to being with a human partner, thereby enhancing comfort and pleasure. It enriches the tactile experience during interaction with the sex doll, promoting relaxation, excitement, and intimacy.

Currently, there are two main types of heating functions available in the market for sex dolls. One type refers to the full-body heating function of the sex doll, while the other refers to the partial heating of specific areas of the sex doll's body. The latter function typically involves heating the sex doll's vagina and mouth.


1.Full-body heating function of sex dolls

The heating function refers to the inclusion of heating elements inside the doll's body, capable of generating heat to simulate the natural human's temperature. This feature enhances the realism of the doll, creating a more real life and immersive experience for users during intimate encounters.

However, so far, the full-body heating function of sex dolls is not perfect yet. The materials used for sex dolls in the market are  TPE and silicone. During the production of sex dolls, an important process involves heating and melting the TPE material before molding. In this process, the liquefied TPE material can potentially affect the heating elements, making it difficult to conceal the heater inside the body and increasing the complexity of sex doll production.

Furthermore, the interior of sex dolls is sealed, and prolonged exposure of the heater can lead to the risk of TPE sex dolls melting due to high temperatures. Silicone sex dolls won't have such an issue as their heat resistance is better than that of TPE sex dolls, making them less prone to deformation even at high temperatures. However, this issue has been addressed by manufacturers by controlling the heating time.

Another issue with full-body heating is the inability to repair damage once it occurs. As evident from the sex doll manufacturing process, the heating elements are embedded within the TPE material. Since TPE sex dolls are molded as a single unit and the surface TPE material cannot be opened, it is generally not able to repair damage to the heating function. However, it's reassuring to note that all manufacturers use the highest quality heating elements to ensure users can fully enjoy this feature.

It's worth mentioning that due to the considerations mentioned above, sex doll manufacturers generally do not include full-body heating as the default setting for sex dolls. If users have such requirements, they can opt for customized heating functions.

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2.Partial Heating Function of Sex Dolls (Specifically Referring to the Mouth and Vagina)

Through research, sex doll manufacturers have found that providing localized heating for sex dolls can also result in a satisfying experience, particularly when heating is applied to the mouth and vagina. The heating function for the mouth of a sex doll is similar to the full-body heating function, involving embedding elements inside the doll's head before pouring silicone or TPE material over it.

On the other hand, heating for the vagina of a sex doll is achieved through external means. This involves placing a heating rod into the vagina or anus for several seconds, resulting in a significant increase in temperature. Moreover, heating rods are affordable and require only a short heating time, making them widely popular among users.


Warm Tips

When heating TPE material sex dolls, it's crucial to monitor the heating time and temperature carefully. The temperature should ideally not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and the heating time should not exceed 40 minutes. Overheating can cause irreversible damage to TPE material sex dolls.

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Final Words

The heating function adds an extra layer of realism and sensory stimulation to the sex doll experience, making users feel more natural and comfortable. However, it's essential to use this feature responsibly and ensure the safe use of the doll's heating elements according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Then, you can fully enjoy the delightful experience and intense sensations that a heated sex doll brings to you.