Guide To Realistic Love Dolls’ Wigs

Guide To Realistic Love Dolls’ Wigs

Adult sex dolls have become increasingly popular, providing companionship and pleasure to individuals around the world. One essential aspect that contributes to their authenticity and versatility is their wigs. In this guide, we will focus on the attachment, maintenance, brushing, and storage of the wigs of a realistic adult doll.

How to maintain, wash and clean a wig?

1. Prepare the cleaning tools: Basins, combs, shampoo, and towels

2. Fill a basin with warm water. After pouring the water, add a little shampoo to the water, then swirl gently to create a lather for later use.

3. Submerge the wig completely in the water without squeezing or pressing it in any way. Just let it stay in the water for a few minutes.

4. Remove the wig from the water and rinse with new clean lukewarm water, and make sure all the shampoo and suds are rinsed off. Then gently squeeze the wig to remove water stains and wrap the wig in a towel and pat the wig dry to avoid any remaining moisture. Next, hang the wig to dry in a cool place out of direct sunlight. When finished, the wigs should be brushed gently with a comb to remove any tangles.

How to brush the wig?

An important step to avoid knots: brushing. Brushing is very simple and easy to do. Start with the tips and gradually work your way up to the roots using a special brush or a comb. Brushing can only be considered once the wig is completely dry.

Avoid using any gel, lacquer, or spray paint that could have an impact on the wig but also on the epidermis of your love doll.

Do not force the brush through the knots. Hair may fall out.


Where to store your sexy doll's wig?

If the wig is not used on your doll's face. Avoid leaving it too long in the open air. Dust could lodge there. To store the wig effectively, we usually use a ball of tissue paper inside it, then simply lay it flat in a box.


How to effectively put a wig on the head of realistic love dolls?

Place the wig directly on the top of the doll's head. This is the most obvious, fastest, and least restrictive method. This installation as the withdrawal is carried out in a few seconds. The attachment will be perfect for still poses. For sexier activities, this fixation will have its limits.

Be careful with mini dolls, these may require wigs adapted to small faces. Some wigs have small clips to adjust according to the size of the skull.



Wigs play a crucial role in enhancing the realism of love dolls. They help create unique and captivating personalities for these silicone or TPE companions. A high-quality wig mimics the look and feel of natural hair, providing a real-life appearance that adds to the overall appeal of the doll. For those seeking a chubby sex doll, wigs with voluminous styles can complement their curvaceous physique. These wigs add an extra touch of allure and playfulness to the doll's overall aesthetic, enhancing the experience of intimacy.

For blonde sex dolls, wigs exude a special charm that captivates many doll enthusiasts. Selecting the perfect blonde wig is essential to achieve the desired look. Consider factors such as shade, length, and texture to match your preferences. From sleek platinum blondes to tousled honey blondes, the right wig can transform your love doll into a stunning blonde beauty.

The wigs of realistic love dolls are not merely accessories but essential components that contribute to their realism and allure. Whether you're interested in a chubby sex doll or a captivating blonde companion, it's important to select the right wig and have good maintenance.