Explore Top Sellers On Black Friday: How Much Is A Sex Doll?

SexDollPartner's Black Friaday

Exciting Black Friday has just passed. Did you purchase your desired sex doll at a great price? If not, don't worry because the Black Friday discount at SexDollPartner is still ongoing. The 20% discount coupon is applicable to all dolls on the website.

Wondering about how much are dolls? This blog will summarize the top 5 most popular dolls from the Black Friday sale on our website, guiding you through their features, quality, and prices, ensuring you find an affordable and quality-assured doll.

US Stock - RIDMII Niko 157cm 14 Head Beautiful slim Girl Sex Doll

RIDMII Niko 157cm 14 Head Beautiful Slim Girl Sex Doll

Price: 599$
Niko is the perfect sex doll for beginners. When purchasing your first sex doll, it's crucial to prioritize weight, especially for newcomers. Buying a heavy doll before becoming familiar with them can significantly diminish your interest and even lead to self-injury due to improper handling. That's why the light sex doll, Nico, weighing only 63.93 lbs, has garnered widespread popularity among beginners.

Moreover, this sex doll is made entirely of TPE which is known for its soft and realistic touch to enhance your overall experience with the doll. For just 599 USD, you can enjoy a sex doll capable of oral sex. Typically, all three orifices of TPE sex dolls are usable, making it the most cost-effective option.

Hurry up!Bring this light sex doll home; she can't wait to serve you now.


US Stock - RIDMII Ana 153cm S159 Head Silicone Head TPE Body Big Boob Latina Sex Doll

RIDMII Ana 153cm S159 Head Silicone Head TPE Body Big Boob Latina Sex Doll

Price: 799$
Ana has been one of the most popular sex dolls by consumers since its launch. This sex doll have two material options for the head: TPE and silicone. If you seek realism, the silicone head is the preferred choice. With implanted hair, every strand is distinct, providing a real life appearance. Imagine caring for your girlfriend's hair every morning and styling it.

The body of this sex doll is made entirely of TPE, and her D-cup breasts are incredibly comfortable to touch, feeling just like the real thing. The jelly breasts can enhance the tactile experience, allowing you to feel the movement of her breasts during intercourse.

You can unleash your imagination and dress up this Latin sex doll, enjoying her exotic service for you. Feeling intrigued? Ana is ready to have sex with you at any time.


US Stock - RIDMII Harriet 160cm #58 Head TPE Asian Curvy Girl Sex Doll

RIDMII Harriet 160cm #58 Head TPE Asian Curvy Girl Sex Doll

Price: 799$
Harriet is a skinny sex doll with a slender waist, medium-sized breasts, and buttocks. This sex doll, featuring an Asian face, has also gained popularity among European and American customers. They express their willingness to explore sex dolls representing different nationalities, providing them with a fresh and diverse experience.

This lovely sex doll also comes with two head options: TPE and silicone. Opting for the silicone head requires an additional $200, which is a cost-effective choice. Our silicone heads are made of high-quality silicone, offering a realistic touch with meticulous attention to detail. We even replicate the texture and pores of real human skin to provide customers with the most authentic experience.

The retail price for our silicone single head is $699. Don't miss out on purchasing this profitable sex doll; our Black Friday discount is still available for the remaining days.


US Stock - RIDMII Alexia 163cm Silicone Head + TPE Body Unique Design Blonde Sexy real Sex Doll

RIDMII Alexia 163cm Silicone Head + TPE Body Unique Design Blonde Sexy real Sex Doll

Price: 899$
Introducing Alexia, the blonde and blue-eyed beauty whose secrets within her thighs are calling out to you. This sex doll is a new exclusive design by Ridmii. Her head is crafted from high-quality silicone, with captivating, real life eyes that can be moved to enhance her realism.

This blonde sex doll with a silicone head and TPE body is the most cost-effective option, allowing you to enjoy the doll's realistic face and experience the soft, elastic feel of her body.

This sex doll also comes in an app-controlled version and a custom-made version based on your preferences. You can choose the features that suit your desires. Trust me; you will undoubtedly be captivated by this beautiful full-size sex doll.


Final Words
Here are the best-selling sex dolls on Black Friday, and their popularity is not just due to the affordable prices but also we consistently adhere to the principle of prioritizing quality. We also provide a 7-day free return policy. If you are not satisfied upon receiving the product and meet the policy requirements, you can enjoy a hassle-free return process.

Sexdollpartner is committed to providing you with high-quality and affordable sex dolls. Stay tuned for more information and insights about sex dolls.