Do you Feel Guilty After Your First-Purchase Of Adult Love Doll?

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Have you constantly doubted your decision after buying and receiving your first adult love doll? There is a phrase that might describe the feeling of guilt you experience after purchasing an adult love doll, and that is "buyer's remorse." This is a common feeling because regardless of what you buy, there is often a sense of regret after the purchase.


Feeling regret and guilt after buying the first adult love doll is a very common phenomenon. The reasons behind this feeling can vary from person to person, depending on where you live, who you live with, and your social commitments. Therefore, social taboos can be the main reason that makes you feel guilty.


Social Taboos

What are social taboos? Taboos, also spelled as "tabu," are actions or behaviors that a social group prohibits, avoids, or abstains from based on a collective sense of disgust, offense, sacredness, or exclusivity. Almost all societies have some form of taboos. It is these social taboos associated with owning an adult love doll that often leads to buyer's remorse. This is because people generally believe that money should be spent on more essential things and that buying a new sex doll is considered an expensive item that doesn't align with the values of the society they live in.


Regardless of which country you come from, owning and using adult dolls is still considered socially awkward in most developed and developing countries. Owners of adult love dolls usually struggle to explain the reasons behind their purchase, deepening the sense of guilt.


Adults Love Dolls’ Cost

Nowadays, adult love dolls are widely available in the market, and there is a wide range of real life adult love dolls with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the quality and brand. People who are familiar with adult love dolls know that they are not cheap. To get a high-quality adult love doll, even more so, as it requires costly materials, intricate craftsmanship, and strict quality checks.


High-quality goods usually come with a higher price tag. To find an affordable adult love doll, you need to go through a lot of research and investigation. However, even if you did your due diligence, you might still feel like you made an impulsive decision. You might think whether the money purchasing adult love dolls could have been better invested elsewhere. But would you really use that money for a better investment?


Feeling Burdened by Responsibilities

It’s totally different to fantasize about having an adult love doll and make the purchase of it. Most people have a strong sense of responsibility, and once they buy a new companion like an adult love doll, they will regard themself as a caregiver and partner. They are so responsible for the adult love doll they bring home.


But that’s true. Once you buy an adult doll, it makes you feel responsible for taking care of it. As dolls are usually made of soft TPE or silicone materials, wear and tear are inevitable. Unlike human bodies, dolls don't have self-repair mechanisms, so they require regular maintenance from their owners. How to maintain an adult love doll? My blog A Comprehensive Guide To Repair A Silicone Or TPE adult love doll will offer you more.


First-Time Purchase of a Doll

If this is your first time purchasing a real life doll, it will be another significant factor for you to will guilty. This series of products is very different from what you've been accustomed to buying over the years, so you will get not used to having a new companion doll in your home. This creates a sense of discomfort and a lack of security, which makes it easier for feelings of guilt to invade your thoughts.


Most first-time buyers of dolls will encounter a similar dilemma, and what they need is to take some time to adapt to the new lifestyle with the doll.


Concerns of Privacy and Storage

You might think that something exotic like this requires a private space. If you don't live alone, privacy and storage will be major concerns for you. You may frequently worry about the safety of the place where you store your doll, especially when you’re living with your family.


Availability of Your Adult Love Doll

You may inevitably question whether you are wasting money if you cannot use the doll frequently, You may also think that the doll has limited usefulness to you and whether your investment is at risk. However, the ROI (Return on Investment) of buying an adult love doll is not calculated in that way. Please don't forget that every intimate companion with your adult love doll, no matter how few times you use it, is beneficial. Your love doll is worth every penny.


How to Conquer Buyer's Remorse?

You have just purchased your first adult love doll. Whatever is going through your mind right now cannot be 100% true because all of them are just your assumptions. Honestly, there are indeed many ways to fulfill sexual desires, but none of them can perfectly replicate human intercourse while eliminating the risks of unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections like a real adult love doll. Regardless of legality, one-night stands and prostitution can lead to the spread of various high-risk diseases such as HIV/AIDS. We should cherish life, and stay away from such high-risk transmitted diseases like AIDS. Just give it a week, and you will see the value that comes with purchasing an adult love doll. At that time, you will realize that every penny you invested is worth it.


Over time, you will build various connections with your love adult love doll. She will no longer be a sex toy for you but a permanent companion. Especially if you live alone, your adult love doll is likely to become your partner and companion which  money cannot replace. Who can resist the presence of such a seductive companion? When you are working, she will be ready for you on the bed quietly. When you come back home, you can have a big hug with her to eliminate the tiredness and pressure of the day. In a word, you will greatly appreciate her presence.


Certainly, an adult love doll has not evolved to the level of the protagonist in "My Girlfriend Is a Cyborg" and you may not love her like your ex or current partner. But one thing is certain, whenever you feel lonely and uncared for, you will enjoy quietly embracing your adult love doll or lying quietly on your bed with her. At that moment, you will realize that your love for this adorable adult love doll surpasses anything else in the room.


Furthermore, the customization aspect of adult love dolls based on your taste and preferences also plays a significant role. You can create the doll to resemble the person you desire. In the real world, you may find it difficult to have that coveted woman, but you can have an adult love doll that closely resembles her. The value of an adult love doll cannot be measured by money alone. It brings not only physical value but also high emotional value to people. We believe you will enjoy every minute with your new sex doll.


Last but not least, buying a reasonably priced adult love doll of excellent quality can greatly help reduce buyer's remorse. Sexdollpartner is an authorized agent of RIDMII where the quality of all dolls is guaranteed, and the rights of every buyer will be protected. Come and choose adult love sex dolls you like!