Detailed Process Of How To Make A Sex Doll

Detailed Process Of How To Make A Sex Doll

The craftsmanship of sex dolls has become increasingly advanced, giving rise to a plethora of real life creations in the market. These sex dolls not only prioritize intricate details and strive to replicate genuine human body features, but they also offer customization based on photos to create a doll that is exclusively yours. So, how exactly are these realistic sex dolls crafted? In this blog, we will take you through the evolutionary journey of sex dolls and shed light on the intricate process behind creating these real life companions.

The Origin of Sex Dolls
Do you know who created sex dolls? This question has never had a definitive answer. Some say it was during the Age of Discovery when those adventurous sailors at sea invented straw mannequin sex dolls. Others believe that the world's first sex doll was created by a historical figure from Pygmalion. Whether it's a myth or a fact, this man crafted a real life ivory sculpture for his dream lover, Pygmalion, who thought about her day and night, even giving rise to numerous erotic tales that left his peers envious.

The Evolution of Sex Dolls
Although the sex dolls initially crafted by Pygmalion looked beautiful and enticing, they couldn't provide actual sexual release, lacking the ability to deliver substantial sexual pleasure.

Despite slow progress, over the past few centuries, sex dolls were made from puppets or straw figures until the 20th century when an improved version of inflatable sex dolls was invented. Since then, sex dolls officially gained the functionality to provide sexual satisfaction. The use of TPE and silicone materials in sex dolls marked another leap in their realism. Nowadays, sex dolls not only achieve a high resemblance to real people but can also be customized to create your unique doll.

The Popularity of Sex Dolls
Adult products have always been considered niche due to societal conservatism about sex. It wasn't until 1968 when U.S. law allowed the sale of sex toys, including sex dolls, through postal services. This significantly benefited the adult industry, as people could discreetly order desired sex toys through magazines, phone calls, etc., without visiting potentially reputation-damaging stores.

With the development of the internet, platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, and various websites provided more sales channels for sex dolls, enabling consumers to shop conveniently from home. Online stores such as SexDollPartner place a strong emphasis on customer privacy, ensuring discreet shipping of all products, and relieving customers of concerns about their sex dolls being discovered by others.

How Sex Dolls Are Made?
Sex dolls, being a niche product, may not have their manufacturing process readily available through a Google search. If you're curious about how they are made and what materials are used to create realistic and beautiful sex dolls tailored to customers' needs, read on.

1. Designing the Body Model
Many sex doll manufacturers today have their design teams to designing the exquisite faces and perfect curves of sex dolls. This team is crucial for turning your ideas into reality, and producing model drawings that can be used for production. With advanced technology, traditional pencil drawings are replaced by more precise design software, better capturing the client's requirements.

2. Preparing the Internal Skeleton
To enable sex dolls to pose seductively like real people, a metal skeleton made from durable metal or high-strength polymers is needed. This skeleton is tailored based on the specific height and physique of the sex doll, ensuring it can minimize weight within a safe range for user convenience.

Articulated joints in the sex doll skeleton provide flexibility and stability, allowing for a variety of intimate poses for better sexual pleasure.

3. Adjusting Skin Texture and Color, Pouring the Mold
The realism of sex dolls is highly related to the skin texture. Innovative manufacturing technologies have led to the development of advanced organic silicone blends or TPE materials that mimic the soft touch of human skin.

By using the newest injection molding machines and high-quality TPE materials or silicone, the designs can be turned into reality. These modern materials make sex dolls feel as real as a human to touch.

4. Perfect Facial Details
To achieve a perfect sex doll, makeup is crucial too. All sex dolls’ makeup is carefully designed to make the doll appear more realistic. The dolls' thick hair is intricately implanted or individually hand-rooted, falling in silky waves or traditional styles to complement their enchanting faces. Eyebrows and eyelashes are generally implanted to enhance the dolls' realistic, three-dimensional appearance.

Sex doll's eyes are made of high-hardness PC material or glass, giving them a clear and bright appearance, and making them much like real human eyes.


Final Words
The above outlines the general production process of sex dolls. The collaboration between buyers and manufacturers transforms preferences into tangible, real life companions. From selecting body sizes and facial features to choosing materials, each step reflects a commitment to personalization. Understanding the process of creating custom sex dolls can help you make better choices when selecting the sex doll that suits your needs. If you're interested in customizing your own unique sex doll, reach out to us now.