Comprehensive Guide To Have Sex With Male Sex Doll

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Due to some social taboos and social commitments, many women are still under the confinement of sex. It seems that women are not allowed to have more sexual pleasure except to have sex with their husbands or partner.


However, women and men are equal. Women have the initiative in aspects of sex. As a woman, it’s not shameful at all to ask for sex. If you have a strong desire for sex and want to unleash your lust, just go for it.


Thank to the marvel of technology, women’s sex toys are booming now. They are designed and crafted to make women have the better pleasure of organisms and vibrators, dildos are well-known toys. Recently, male sex dolls for women have an increasing growth in the market. These male sex dolls are made to have a handsome face, muscular figures, and lighter weights, thus women can not only enjoy the ultimate pleasures but also the companion of the male sex doll.


In this article, we will delve into the world of male sex dolls and explore how women can engage in intimate experiences with these real life companions. From opening the box of your male sex doll to exploring techniques and cleaning after sex, we will guide you through the journey of making love with a male sex doll for women.


1. Preparation For Having Sex

Are you excited to receive your male sex doll? But now please hold on a moment. As a beginner, here is something you need to learn about.


1.1 Open the Box of Your Male Sex Doll

Generally speaking, the weight of a common male sex doll is about 100 pounds, and with all the outer packages, its weight can be up to 130 pounds. Though all manufacturers try to make it lighter, it will take some effort for you to move the whole package.


For easier transportation, you might use a suitable trolley or some tools with wheels to move your male sex doll box to the designated room.


Once everything gets ready, you might open the package carefully to check your new male sex doll inside.

 sex doll box and package

1.2 Assembling Your Male Sex Doll

When it comes to assembling your male sex doll, the process is straightforward and hassle-free, especially if your doll arrives with an undetachable penis that doesn't require separate installation. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you bring the doll’s head and body together:


1.2.1 Connecting the Head and Body:

Straight Screw Thread Connection:

This is the most generic way used to connect the doll’s head and body. Make sure you have the appropriate connector type for your doll.

 Straight Screw Thread Connector


1.2.2 Snap-on Connecting Way:

Some dolls come with snap-on connectors, which offer a simpler assembly process. The head can be easily snapped the screw onto to connect it to the body.  

If the doll’s head isn't joined properly, just readjust the head and tighten it as needed until it sits securely in place.

 Snap-on Connector


1.2.3 Attaching the Penis to the Body:

If your doll comes with a detachable penis, follow these instructions to install it. If not, just feel free to skip this part.


The detachable dildo is designed with a kind of snap-on feature, which helps to install quickly and easily. Simply align the penis with the designated attachment point on the doll's body and snap it into place.


Remember to handle the assembly process with care, ensuring that all connections are secure and aligned properly. Following these steps will help you assemble your sex doll effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy your intimate experiences to the fullest.


2. Cleaning and Maintenance Before First-time Using

Compared with the cleaning female sex doll, the male sex doll is much easier, for the sexual organ of a male sex doll is external. For the body part cleaning, you might refer to our previous blog How to clean a sex doll?. When it comes to cleaning the penis of your male sex doll and removing fluids and lubricants, you should encounter no major difficulties. If the penis is detachable, the cleaning process becomes even more convenient.


To clean your sex doll's penis, you will need liquid soap and warm water. It is advisable to use an all-natural liquid soap to prevent any potential irritation to the silicone material of the doll. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:


Prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and liquid soap. You can use a bucket to combine the soap and water, creating a soapy solution.


Dip a light sponge into the soapy solution and gently scrub the penis to wash away any debris. Be cautious not to scrub too vigorously, and ensure that the sponge's texture is not overly abrasive to avoid any damage to the surface.


If the penis is non-detachable, you can mix the soap and water inside a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the penis and use a light sponge to wipe away the debris gently. Again, remember to be gentle during the process.


Rinse the penis thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.


Remember, the key is to be gentle yet thorough while cleaning the penis of your male sex doll. By following these steps and using appropriate cleaning materials, you can maintain the hygiene and longevity of your sex doll's sexual organ.

 male sex doll for women

3. How to Have Sex with Your Male Sex Doll?

Prioritize safety: It is advisable to always put a condom on the male sex doll before engaging in any intimate activities. While we understand that using a condom may slightly diminish pleasure, it is an important precautionary measure for your safety. However, the choice to use a condom or not ultimately rests with you.


Embrace the experience: When engaging with the male sex doll, allow yourself to fully immerse in the moment. Treat the doll as if it were a real partner. Kiss and caress its body, gently explore its features and indulge in foreplay. By embracing the experience, you can create a more intimate and fulfilling encounter.


Lubrication is key: Before engaging in penetrative activities, ensure that the doll is adequately lubricated. Apply lubricant to the doll's intimate areas to facilitate smooth and comfortable intercourse. Whether through oral stimulation or manual application, taking the time to lubricate will enhance your overall experience.


Anal play considerations: If you feel comfortable and desire it, you can engage in anal play with the male sex doll. However, it is crucial to follow the same procedures as mentioned above, including the use of lubrication and taking precautions for your comfort and safety.


4. Post-activity cleaning

After your intimate intercourse with the male sex doll, it is essential to thoroughly clean it using a suitable cleaner as recommended by the doll's supplier. Remove any lubricants, saliva, or bodily fluids from its body, following the provided cleaning instructions. Dry the doll appropriately and store it in its designated box until your next use.


5. Maintain and Store Your Male Sex Doll

5.1 Clean & dry your male sex doll: Before storage, ensure your doll is meticulously cleaned and dry. This helps maintain hygiene and prevents bacteria or mold growth.


5.2 Use a dedicated bag or case for storageConsider investing in a bag or case exclusively designed for sex dolls. These specialized storage options protect against dust and potential damage.


5.3 Separate storage: To the doll from any prospective damage, break, or chemical reactions with other materials, store your doll separately from other sex toys. This ensures the longevity of both your doll and other toys.


5.4 Avoid high temperature and sunlight: Select a cool and dry storage location to avoid direct sunlight, radiators, or other sources of heat. Extreme temperatures can damage the doll's material and compromise its quality.


5.5 Prioritize privacy: If you’re concerned about the privacy of the doll, opt for a discreet place to store, which is not easy for others to access, such as a big drawer, closet, or even a box with a lock. That is up to your personal preference and circumstances.


By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the proper storage, hygiene, and discretion of your male sex doll, allowing for long-term enjoyment and peace of mind.


Engaging in intimate experiences with a male sex doll can be a fulfilling and pleasurable journey for women. By knowing how to use it, women can embark on a path of self-discovery and pleasure. As societal attitudes evolve, the acceptance and popularity of male sex dolls for women continue to grow, offering a unique and personalized avenue for sexual exploration and satisfaction. Remember to embrace your desires, prioritize consent, and enjoy the journey of making love with a male sex doll. Click SexDollPartner to check more information about it.