All Functions Of The Soft Silicone Sex Doll Head Review

All Functions Of The Soft Silicone Sex Doll Head Review

Are you considering buying a new sex doll or a replacement head for your existing one? Are you torn between opting for a traditional TPE sex doll head or a standard silicone head? Well, there's another rising option in the market – sex doll heads made from soft silicone. Soft silicone sex doll heads come with diverse functionalities, promising a unique and enjoyable sexual experience. This article aims to provide you with a better understanding of all the advantages of soft silicone heads by introducing a video review showcasing the features of Kimberly's soft silicone head.

The New Soft Silicone Sex Doll Head VS Traditional Silicone Head
Traditional Silicone Head: The traditional silicone head is crafted from firm silicone, resulting in a doll with a fixed expression. Some manufacturers incorporate oral passages in these hard silicone heads, while others do not. Regardless of the presence of passages, the mouths of these dolls remain closed and, consequently, cannot offer oral sex services to users.

Soft Silicone Sex Doll Head: As the name suggests, a soft silicone head is made from pliable silicone. This type of silicone head boasts functionalities similar to TPE heads, with a soft oral cavity capable of providing users with oral sex. The oral cavities of soft silicone heads mimic the human mouth, featuring realistic yet soft teeth, a tongue, and a textured inner wall resembling the oral cavity of a real person. This soft silicone sex doll head effectively combines the advantages of the two mentioned types, resulting in enhanced functionality. It can even be customized to include features like automatic suction and oral heating.

New Functions:
1. Oral Sex
Through the video, you can observe the soft oral cavity of this sex doll, possessing a soft mouth comparable to TPE material. To enhance the realism of using this soft silicone head, an articulated jaw is incorporated into its mouth. This allows you to open the doll's mouth when needed and keep it closed when not in use.

The usage procedure for the sex doll's oral cavity is similar to that of the vaginal cavity. Before use, it's essential to apply an adequate amount of lubricant to prevent any discomfort and enhance the overall pleasure during use.

After use, it's crucial to follow the instructions and promptly clean the sex doll's oral cavity to prevent the residue of semen, lubricant, and other substances from deteriorating and causing mold. This not only preserves the sex doll's integrity but also contributes to your health.

2. Oral Auto-sucking
The oral auto-sucking and moaning functions of the soft silicone sex doll are controlled by the same device. To begin, expel the air from the device's oral cavity before inserting your penis into the doll's mouth. The device features two buttons: the power button and the "M" button. Start the device by long-pressing the power button. A single click on the power button toggles between moaning sounds in four languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, among others. Double-click the power button to turn off the moaning sounds.

Press the "M" button to initiate the oral automatic suction mode. The automatic sucking function offers multiple modes based on suction speed and intensity. You can click the "M" button to switch between different modes until you find the one that provides a comfortable and pleasurable mode.

3. Oral Heating
If you're seeking a more real life experience during oral interactions with a sex doll, make sure not to overlook the doll's oral heating feature. Soft silicone sex dolls possess the heat-resistant properties of silicone, ensuring they don't deform under high temperatures. Before using the sex doll, you can connect the heating wire and heat it for about 10 minutes. After heating for approximately 10 minutes, unplug the heating wire, and the oral cavity will maintain a temperature of around 40 minutes for about 40 minutes. The oral temperature can exceed 40°C after approximately 10 minutes of heating. (The temperature and insulation time may vary depending on the environment.)

Sex Dolls With a New Silicone Sex Doll Heads
After reading the above description, are you intrigued by the oral functionalities of soft silicone heads? Below, we recommend three best-selling soft silicone head sex dolls from SexDollPartner. These dolls are considered affordable options among similar materials and functional sex dolls on the market. Why not give one a try?

1. US Stock - RIDMII Kimberley 161cm #468B Silicone Head TPE Body Huge Boobs Realistic Blowjob Curvy Sex Doll
Kimberley is a seductive sex doll with a D-cup, and her popularity stems not only from her sexy physique but also from her versatile soft silicone head, capable of performing oral sex and automatic sucking functions. The high-quality soft silicone material allows this sex doll to have implanted hair. The exquisite facial features, coupled with flowing straight hair, make this sex doll look remarkably real life.

For just 1,450 USD, you can bring home this multifunctional sex doll.

2. US Stock RIDMII Miranda Plus #462 Soft Silicone Head TPE Body Blowjob Big Breast Realistic Sex Doll
Miranda is a sex doll with an angelic face and a devilish curve. Her real life, doe-eyed gaze captures the hearts of many male users, resembling a real person. Unlike the previous sex doll, Miranda comes with a wig, allowing you to customize her appearance according to your preferences, coordinating outfits with different hairstyles.

The soft silicone head provides various practical oral sex functions, while the sex doll's real life TPE body offers an array of delightful experiences. For just 1,450 USD, you can indulge in the real life features of her face, caress her ample chest, and appreciate her sensual curves.

Final Words
In concluding our exploration of the myriad functions of the soft silicone sex doll head, we hope this comprehensive review has provided valuable insights into the unparalleled features that contribute to an immersive and satisfying experience. From the real life texture to the meticulous craftsmanship, each element of our soft silicone heads is designed to elevate your encounters with passion, intimacy, and realism.

As you delve into the world of soft silicone, it's essential to appreciate the versatility and attention to detail that sets these heads apart. Whether you prioritize the intricacies of facial expressions, the softness and elasticity of the skin, or the compatibility with various body types, our soft silicone sex doll heads aim to fulfill your desires and exceed your expectations.