Advice For Newbies Buying A First Sex Doll

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As a newbie in the world of sex dolls, you must have a lot of questions about buying your first realistic sex doll. For instance, how much does a sex doll cost? What kind of sex doll is better? Is it legal to buy a new sex doll? How to start to buy your first sex doll? And so on. I can see those questions often in the doll forums, so here I would like to offer some practical advice for you to buy your first sex doll.

For all the above questions, let’s call them newbie’s concerns. Let’s explore what else concerns they have still, and find relevant solutions for them.

Newbiess Main Concerns

Realism and Authenticity of the Sex Doll

As a newbie, you might often wonder about the realism and authenticity of sex dolls. You want to make sure that the doll looks and feels as close to a real human as possible to have a better sexual experience.

Material Quality of the Sex Doll

Understanding the different materials used in sex dolls, such as silicone and TPE, is a common concern. As a newbie, you may want to know which material is best for them in terms of texture, durability, and overall quality.

Customization Options of the Sex Doll

Many beginners hope that can be customized to their preferences when seeking their first sex doll. They want to choose the doll's appearance, body type, hair color, and other features to make it more personalized.

Discretion and Privacy of the Sex Doll

Privacy is a significant concern for many newbies. Though sex dolls have gained significant popularity in these years, many people want to ensure that the purchase and delivery of sex dolls can be handled discreetly and their personal information can remain confidential.

Budget and Affordability of the Sex Doll

Affordability is a common concern for newbies. They may wonder whether they can find a high-quality sex doll within their budget range.

Partner's Acceptance

For individuals in relationships, the acceptance of their partner is vital. Newbies may worry about how their partner will react to the idea of owning a sex doll and whether it will impact their relationship.

Shipping and Delivery

Understanding the shipping and delivery process is essential. Newbies want to know how long it will take to receive their sex doll and if the packaging will be discreet.

Legal Considerations

Some newbies may have concerns about the legality of owning a sex doll in their country or region. They want to ensure that they are not violating any laws or regulations.

We can more easily find the solutions after knowing the above concerns. To ensure a smooth and satisfactory process, here is some valuable advice for newbies looking to buy their first sex doll.

How to Avoid a Scammer?

No one wants to buy knockoffs while spending a lot of money. So what can we do to avoid scammers and make each penny worth it?

First of all, research and education are very important. Take the time to research and educate yourself about sex dolls. Understand the different materials available (such as silicone and TPE), the customization options, and the features they offer. Reading reviews and customer feedback can also provide valuable insights.

Doing research and education also means that you need to learn about the shop where you’re going to buy sex dolls. Look for a reputable and reliable sex doll retailer like Sexdollpartner which is authorized by RIDMII. A trustworthy seller will offer high-quality products, discreet shipping, and excellent customer support. Working with such a vendor can help you reduce the risk of fakes.

Set a Budget for Find the Fitting Sex Doll

Determine a budget that suits your preferences and needs. Sex dolls come in a wide range of prices, so having a clear budget in mind will help you find the best option within your affordability range. If your budget is tight, come to Sexdollpartner where you can find cheap sex dolls of good quality.

Select the Right Material

Decide between silicone and TPE material based on your preferences. Silicone dolls offer a more realistic feel and are generally more durable, while TPE dolls are softer and more affordable. Consider the pros and cons of each material to make an informed decision. You might also click here for more information, including the pros and cons of these 2 materials.

Consider Customization

Determine the level of customization you desire. Sexdollpartner and other reputable retailers offer various customization options, such as body shape, hair color, eye color, and more. Tailoring your doll to your preferences and fantasies can enhance your overall experience. Therefore, it’s very crucial to figure out what your preference is, and don’t be shy to tell and confirm with customer service.

Size Matters

I know many people will have a strong interest in BBW sex dolls with big boobs and big asses. But you need to consider the size and weight of the sex doll, especially if you have limited space. Full-size dolls are more real life but require more storage, while smaller or torso-only dolls are easier to handle and store. Moreover, a big-size sex doll is usually equal to a heavyweight. It will offer you a better experience if you choose the right weight.

Privacy and Discretion

To avoid any embarrassment, it is really vital to ensure that the retailer guarantees privacy and discreet shipping. And it’s very essential to look for trustworthy sellers who prioritize customer confidentiality.

Maintenance and Care

Understand the proper maintenance and care required for your sex doll. Regular cleaning and storage in the appropriate position will extend the doll's lifespan and keep it in optimal condition. You can click here for more relevant know-how from our previous blogs.

Communication and Consent

If you are in a relationship, have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your interest in owning a sex doll. Communication and consent are vital for maintaining a healthy and trusting relationship.

Enjoy Responsibly

Remember that owning a sex doll is about exploring your fantasies and fulfilling your desires in a safe and responsible manner. Treat your sex doll with respect and use it in a way that brings you joy and fulfillment.


For newbies interested in purchasing their first sex doll, addressing concerns and questions is essential to making an informed and comfortable decision. By choosing reputable vendors, understanding material options, exploring customization features, prioritizing privacy, learning proper maintenance, setting a budget, and communicating openly with partners, newbies can confidently embark on their journey into the world of sex dolls. Remember, knowledge and communication are powerful tools in navigating the exciting realm of realistic pleasure companions.