A Middle-Aged Man with His Doll Life

A Middle-Aged Man with His Doll Life

It is said that the relationship between modern people is becoming more and more indifferent. Often a group of friends gathers at a table, but they each hold their mobile phones and keep reading.

Communication becomes less and less, but it does not mean that you are not lonely. As a result, some people are addicted to the Internet, and some keep a pet to accompany them. Although pets do not understand human language, they at least respond. In Japan, there is an uncle who talked about love with a silicone doll and got along day and night.

The uncle's name is Chizi Nakajima, who is 63 years old this year, and her girlfriend is Saori, a full-size silicone doll produced by the Orient factory.

Nakajima is an ordinary company member who originally lived with his wife and children in Ibaraki Prefecture. Later, because of work, He came to Tokyo alone, and it was inevitable that he would feel lonely and lonely when he live alone.

The first time he encountered silicone dolls was also very accidental. he was a little surprised when I first saw silicone dolls in the erotic shop in Akihabara. Probably he has never seen a silicone doll of the same size, and it is very realistic.

Nakajima said: In the beginning, it was for physical needs, and so far I have not dated asian girls, so I thought of buying a silicone doll and named her Saori.

This is how Saori looked when he first bought it.

In the beginning, Nakajima only regarded Saori as an ordinary doll, and he didn't put too much emotion into it. But as the time spent together day and night gets longer and longer, it feels that the fetters have gradually formed.

Sometimes when I'm still working, he thinks that Saori is at home alone, and he wants to go home quickly.

For Nakajima, Saori is like a lover.

Nakajima: She will not betray me, nor will she use my money. I'm tired of rational interpersonal relationships. People in real life are too volatile.

Every day we live together, from the morning, Nakajima will give Saori a bath first. Every day, Saori has to change different clothes. omb her hair personally and enjoy it.

Take her out for a walk and see the scenery on weekends. Occasionally, he would drive, far away.

Of course, the important thing is to buy stuff for your girlfriend. One of Nakajima's joys is to take Saori out for shopping. Change the look regularly, and Nakajima will carefully choose Saori's wigs.

Sit together on the sofa in the living room to watch TV programs at night.

"As I got older and older, I still had the energy to do other things at first, but now I just lie down with Saori to sleep at night and feel very happy".

Nakajima said that he likes the way she is more than going out to date girls. Saori will neither complain nor cause trouble and will always look cute and never grow old.

Saori is also fully integrated into Nakajima's life. Nakajima takes her to the izakaya he often goes to and introduces her to the boss.

After the salary was paid, He took Saori to the vineyard because Saori liked it.

Eating together at home will not be too lonely. During the meal, Nakajima would also say to Saori: I have to work hard, otherwise I won’t be able to buy clothes for Saori.

In the summer, He took Saori to surf at the beach. Nakajima was a surfer when he was young. Now that he is a little fatter, he still feels a little nervous when he enter the sea.

He took Saori for skiing in winter and bought ski boots for Saori.

All this is like a normal lover's daily life, but because Saori is just a silicone doll, it looks a little crazy. But Nakajima is not alone, there are people like him, and sometimes four people can go on a date.

Moreover, the uncle's wife knew all of this. Faced with her husband's silicone girlfriend, her wife did not express any objection. On the contrary, she accepted Saori.

Today, Saori may be more important in Nakajima's heart than his own wife and children, and even said: When I die, I also hope to face the final life with Saori. I really enjoy this kind of "artistic love" that I have created.

Many people may not be able to understand this "love of art" that the uncle thinks. After all, it is a silicone doll that can't speak and will not respond.

But on the other hand, maybe modern people are really too lonely, but at the same time, they feel too tired to get along with others. Therefore, willing to transfer emotions to anything that will not cause trouble and will not betray oneself. To others, this is madness, but in their eyes, it is real life.