5 Tips For Taking A Bath With Your Sex Dolls

Silicone Head TPE Body Blonde Young Petite BBW Sex Doll

The reasons for buying sex dolls can vary from person to person. Some may buy love dolls only for sex, but others will take sex dolls as their companions. And I think the latter will account for most. As a new partner in your life, sex dolls can do many things with you. For example, they can have dinner, watch movies, or even take a bath with you. Though they don’t talk or eat, don’t you feel good that there is someone willing to accompany you to do everything?

However, sex dolls are not real humans, so it’s important to know how to take a bath with her before you do it. Here is the reason why I am here. Let’s explore how we can do it well without hurting your baby sex dolls.


1. Be Cautious about the Materials:

TPE and silicone are 2 common materials to be used to make sex dolls. While both TPE and silicone sex dolls can be bathed in a bathtub, it's crucial to note that TPE material is sensitive to high temperatures. The TPE can melt if exposed to excessive heat. Therefore, please always ensure the water temperature is comfortably warm to prevent any damage to your beloved companion when giving your doll a bath. If your doll is made of silicone, you can skip this concern as silicone sex dolls are highly heat-resistant.


2. Pre-work for a Bath

Before starting a bath, it will be better to gather all the necessary materials. Opt for a mild, pH-balanced, and fragrance-free soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the doll's skin. Have soft towels and a non-slip mat ready to prevent accidents.

Fill the bathtub with warm water, ensuring it's not too hot. Submerging the doll in extremely hot water can damage the TPE or silicone material. Test the water temperature with your hand to ensure it's comfortable.


3. Be Gentle to Your Doll:

No matter when, always handle your sex doll with care. And do remember to be gentle to avoid tearing or damaging your sex doll’s skin. Be extra cautious during bathing, as it can be challenging to hold your sex doll securely when she's wet. Try to avoid any accidents due to slipping. To prevent this, it’s important to empty the bathtub after the bath before any movements. After that please wrap your sex doll in a towel, and then lift her, for this can provide better friction which can reduce the chances of slipping.

Some people might also wish to engage in romantic sex with their dolls in their bathroom, which is perfectly fine with the right precautions. It's advisable to opt for positions that require less effort, such as placing your doll on a sink. Alternatively, you can lay a towel on the floor to enjoy the ultimate pleasure with your sex doll in a doggy-style position.


4. Keep the Head above the Water:

Please refrain from submerging your sex doll's head underwater. Some sex dolls come with additional heating systems that can be damaged if the head is immersed in water. Furthermore, even if your doll doesn't have any internal electronics, water can also accelerate the skeleton’s rusting which will reduce sex dolls’ lifespan. Last but not least, the eyes of the doll are one of the most delicate parts, and water can easily enter them during bathing. So, extra care for the eyes should be taken while washing.


5. Dry and Moisturize:

After the bath, pat your doll dry with a clean towel. Ensure she is completely dry, including any creases or joints where water may accumulate. Once dry, apply a light, water-based moisturizer to maintain her skin's softness and suppleness.


After reading the above points, I believe you have become proficient in how to bathe your sex doll. Bathing together with your girlfriend is a way to spice up your relationship, and bathing with a sex doll is somewhat similar. It can enhance the connection between you and your doll, making your solo life less lonely. So, why not give it a try with your sex doll?