5 Common Mistakes To Avoid For Sex Doll Beginners

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With the popularity of sex dolls, more and more people are beginning to accept and embark on purchasing their first sex doll. If you want to buy a satisfactory doll and extend the lifespan of your sex doll as much as possible, then the five common mistakes about sex dolls mentioned here shall be avoided.


1. Lack of Thorough Research before Purchasing a Sex Doll

Online shopping is a double-edged sword – it can be convenient for your shopping but may also expose you to scams. If you want to buy a beautiful and durable sex doll, it's crucial to research both the sex doll and the seller before making a purchase.

Researching brands: With countless sex doll brands available today, it's essential to explore the pros and cons of the brand you're interested in on platforms like Reddit or relevant sex doll forums. During your search, make sure to read various comments from different sections, as some may be promotional content from sellers. For more authentic feedback, consider reaching out to doll owners directly through private messages, as many are willing to help.

Researching the Doll: Once you've decided on a specific brand and doll model, contact the doll's customer service to gather detailed information about the doll's dimensions and check if the 3D model aligns with your preferences. It's crucial to understand the doll's weight, especially for users interested in BBW sex dolls. Handling a 50-kg sex doll is totally different from a 50-kg human. After lugging around a heavy doll, your sexual enthusiasm might diminish considerably.

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2. Neglecting Quality and Materials

One of the most common mistakes for newcomers to the world of sex dolls is overlooking the importance of understanding the quality and materials used in their production. Currently, there are two main materials used for crafting sex dolls: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone. TPE is known for its softer texture, greater elasticity, and a more real life feel, all at a more affordable price compared to silicone.

For users with a preference for high realism, silicone sex dolls become the preferred choice due to their higher hardness, allowing for better replication of human body details. Additionally, silicone has fewer microscopic pores, making it easier to care for than TPE sex dolls. A simple cleaning and application of protective oil after use are usually sufficient for maintenance. While silicone sex dolls boast superior quality and a longer lifespan, they typically come with a price tag twice as high as comparable TPE sex dolls.


3. Neglecting Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Sex Dolls

Many beginners are unaware of the importance of cleaning and maintaining sex dolls, believing it to be a trivial matter. On the contrary, taking care of the cleaning and maintenance of your sex doll is crucial and can significantly extend its lifespan. The key areas that require thorough cleaning on a sex doll are the orifices used for self-pleasure, such as the mouth, vagina, and anus. Lubricants are often used during sexual interactions with the doll, and these areas are prone to residue buildup. Improper cleaning can lead to the absorption of residue into the many microscopic pores of TPE material, resulting in issues such as mold and decay over time, affecting both the functionality of the sex doll and potentially compromising your health. Silicone, on the other hand, is easier to maintain and requires less upkeep. For further insights into cleaning and maintaining sex dolls, you can read my previous blog post “How to Clean A Sex Doll?


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4. Having Unrealistic Expectations for Sex Dolls

It's natural for full-sized sex dolls to spark various fantasies, and some may even compare them to real women. If you find yourself having such thoughts, it's crucial to adjust your expectations promptly to avoid disappointment upon receiving the sex doll. Ultimately, sex dolls are a type of sexual toy, and they have not evolved to the point where they can move autonomously like real people or engage in conversations. Their current capabilities lie in fulfilling your fantasies regarding the perfect physical companion, accommodating the sizes and features you desire.

However, with the advancement of AI, the sex doll industry is likely to witness a new technological revolution. Someday, sex dolls may evolve into multifunctional sex robots akin to the protagonist in 'My Robot Girlfriend.' They could become versatile companions with advanced features, but for now, it's essential to appreciate the current capabilities of sex dolls.


5. Feeling Remorse After Receiving a Sex Doll

Some individuals may have struggled to make the decision to purchase a sex doll, only to experience overwhelming feelings of shame and regret upon receiving it, fearing judgment from others. It's important to listen to your inner voice and trust your own needs. If you genuinely believe that a sex doll can address your physiological needs, then go ahead and make the purchase. A sex doll is just one type of sexual toy, no different from using a Fleshlight. It can alleviate the frustration of a prolonged lack of sexual activity and provide silent companionship. There's nothing shameful about it.


Final Words

In concluding this guide on the common mistakes to avoid for sex doll beginners, it's crucial to emphasize that embarking on this journey requires thoughtful consideration and responsible engagement. Understanding the intricacies of caring for and enjoying a sex doll is a learning process, and avoiding these common pitfalls will contribute to a more satisfying experience.

Remember, your sex doll is not just a possession but a unique companion deserving of respect and care. By sidestepping these common mistakes, you're not only preserving the doll's quality but also nurturing a connection that can provide a fulfilling and intimate experience. Approach this journey with mindfulness, and let the companionship your sex doll offers be a source of joy and satisfaction.