3 Ways To Buy Realistic Sex Dolls With High Quality

Silicone head with implanted hair TPE body blonde sex doll

With the advancement of the internet, online shopping has become a common thing for many people. This is especially true for sex toys and sex dolls, as people prefer to buy these items online due to the discreet shipping methods used by sellers. It can eliminate the consumers' worries about discovering their purchases. However, while online shopping is convenient, it’s easy to end up with subpar products without carefulness. Regardless of what you’re buying, you certainly want your money’s worth. So, how can you ensure you purchase a high-quality sex doll without seeing or touching it in advance? This blog will introduce three methods to help you buy high-quality sex dolls online.


Method 1: Ensure the Store is Legally Authorized

First, browse the website's photos and content. If the photos are low resolution and have different watermarks, the site is likely a scam, with images copied from other websites. Additionally, check the pricing. If full body sex dolls are priced below $100, it's definitely a scam site. You won't receive a low-quality sex doll because you'll never be able to contact the site again once you pay. Some of our customers have been deceived in this way.

If you want to buy a high-quality realistic sex doll, the best way is to purchase it directly from the official brand's website. However, some sex doll manufacturers focus solely on production and authorize others to handle sales. Some websites act as intermediaries, selling dolls from various brands. Regardless of the situation, the website should have a brand authorization certificate to ensure the authenticity and quality of the sex dolls they sell.


Method 2: Consult Customer Service

When you can't determine the authenticity or quality of a website by browsing, directly consulting customer service can be very helpful. First, ask detailed questions about the company, such as "Where is the company located?" "Who are the manufacturers of the sex dolls?" and "Do you have official authorization?" You can also inquire about the cleaning and maintenance of sex dolls to see if their responses are professional. Additionally, try calling their customer service number to verify if you can speak with a real person.

Moreover, you can randomly select a few sex dolls and request factory photos from the customer service team. If the seller is legitimate, they should have partnerships with suppliers who can provide factory photos and other detailed information about the sex dolls. Requesting these factory photos allows you to better assess the quality of their products and check if they match the images on the website. If there is a significant difference, it indicates that they may not be able to provide high-quality sex dolls as advertised.


Method 3: Payment Methods and After-Sales Service

When purchasing a sex doll, carefully review the payment methods offered. Scam websites or those selling counterfeit products often have limited and consumer-unfriendly payment options. Unlike PayPal, which acts as an escrow agent in every transaction, these sites typically lack secure payment options. With PayPal, if you don’t receive your item, you can notify PayPal and receive a full refund. If you receive a counterfeit product, you can request compensation or a refund. If the seller refuses, you can initiate a dispute with PayPal to seek compensation. BTW, buy sex dolls with Klarna is also a good choice, which can save the interest. Click here to know how to buy sex dolls with Klarna.

After-sales service is crucial. Even if your sex doll arrives in perfect condition, it doesn't guarantee that there won't be issues later. If you encounter any quality problems within a week of receiving the doll, you can seek help or compensation from customer service. For issues like staining or cracking that may arise during use, customer service can provide valuable advice and support.


Final Words

Before deciding to purchase a sex doll, the methods outlined above can help you avoid many pitfalls and filter out numerous scam websites. If you have additional methods for evaluating sex doll websites, you're warmly welcome to share your ideas in the comments to help others make informed decisions.